Women's Health Across the Lifespan, An Issue of Nursing Clinics

By Alice L. March, PhD, RN, FNP, CNE
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 This issue has the unique focus of complete health care for the female--from birth to advanced age. Specific topics covered include the following: Ambiguous genitalia; Precocious puberty; Issues related to care access (consent, confidentiality); Teenage pregnancy; Menopause symptom management; Sexuality; Pessary care; Preconception planning; IPV and dating violence; Sexually-transmitted infections (include HPV and vaccination); Care of Women living with HIV/AIDS; Sexual minority care; High-risk pregnancy; and Lactation. The reader will come away with the current clinical information needed to provide care for girls and women of all ages.
ISBN 9780323584050
Author Information By Alice L. March, PhD, RN, FNP, CNE, Capstone College of Nursing, East Tuscaloosa, TN
Table of Content

Female Health Across the Lifespan

Preface: Female Health Across the Lifespan

Section I: Childhood

Urine Collection Methods in Children: Which Is the Best?

Section II: Adolescence

Adolescent Confidentiality and Women's Health: History, Rationale, and Current


Integrating Optimal Screening, Intervention, and Referral for Postpartum

Depression in Adolescents

Section III: Common to Childbearing-Aged Women

Preconception Care for the Patient and Family

Intimate Partner Violence: What Health Care Providers Should Know

Common Sexually Transmitted Infections in Women

The Psychosocial and Clinical Well-Being of Women Living with Human

Immunodeficiency Virus/AIDS

Health Care of Sexual Minority Women

High-Risk Pregnancy

Helping Mothers Reach Personal Breastfeeding Goals

Section IV: Older Adult

Menopause Symptom Management in the United Kingdom

Sexuality and Intimacy in the Older Adult Woman

Person-Centered Care for Patients with Pessaries

Publication Date 22-05-2018
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