Acupuncture and Moxibustion

By B. Auteroche, G. Gervais, M. Auteroche; P. Navailh; and E. Toui-Kan
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  • A practical guide showing techniques step by step
  • Presents an in-depth study of tools, needle insertion, manipulation techniques, moxibustion, Qi Gong exercises, and an in-depth training programme
  • Excellent photographs and line drawings illustrate each step
  • Covers moxibustion as well as acupuncture - one of the few texts to cover both
  • Covers
  • indications
  • contraindications
  • principal ailments it can treat
  • examples of point combinations appropriate to particular manipulations
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    ISBN 9780443045561
    Author Informaiton By B. Auteroche; G. Gervais; M. Auteroche; P. Navailh; and E. Toui-Kan
    Table of Content SECTION ONE USING the FINE NEEDLE (HAO ZHEN) the Filiform Needle: Introduction (Hao Zhen). Inserting the Filiform Needle. Obtaining Qi (De Qi). Reinforcing, Reducing and Balancing SECTION TWO MOXIBUSTION and OTHER TECHNIQUES Moxibustion (Jiu Fa). Other Needle Techniques. Cupping (Ba Guan Zi). Manual Techniques. Qi Gong Exercises APPENDIX I. Training Programme APPENDIX II. Needle Techniques: Revision Table BIBLIOGRAPHY
    発行日 01-01-1992
    Pages 164
    trim 241x191
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