Blood Tests Made Easy

By Paul Hamilton
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Blood Tests Made Easy is a quick reference guide designed to bring medical students up to speed when interpreting blood tests on their clinical placements.

Small enough to be carried and quickly referenced on the go, this book covers everything you need to know when interpreting bloods, including the main abnormalities you are likely to encounter. Rather than focusing on theory or physiology, it is designed to provide an easy-to-follow guide to support clinical decision making.

This latest addition to the Made Easy series will fill knowledge gaps on blood test interpretation, becoming a valuable asset both for medical students and, later, as a reference guide to increase junior doctors' confidence on the wards.

  • Relevant to real life - material laid out like real hospital laboratory tests
  • Easy to use - information presented in a clear and accessible format
  • Case studies and multiple-choice questions to aid revision
  • Portable for easy access on the wards
ISBN 9780323870443
Author Information By Paul Hamilton, Clinical Lecturer, Centre for Medical Education, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Honorary Consultant Chemical Pathologist
Table of Content Preface
Using this book
1 Effective use of laboratory tests
2 Interpreting laboratory tests
3 Osmolality and the urea and electrolyte (U+E) profile
4 The bone profile
5 The liver profile
6 Blood gas analysis and pH
7 Endocrine testing
8 Blood proteins and enzymes
9 Disorders of glucose
10 Lipids and other tests relevant to cardiovascular disease
11 Tumour markers
12 Nutrition
13 Therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology
14 Metabolic testing
15 The full blood picture (FBP)
16 Tests of coagulation
17 Blood grouping
Case studies and self-assessment questions
Self-assessment: answers
発行日 20-07-2022
Pages 180
trim 229 x 152 (6 x 9)
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