Breast Ultrasound

By Anne-Marie Dixon, MHSc, PGCHEP, DMU, DCRR
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  • Clear structured practical guidance for novice / student practitioners
  • Comprehensive reference manual for experienced practitioners
  • High quality ultrasound images
  • Reader friendly format
  • Realistically priced
  • Written by a radiographer for radiographers
  • This book is a detailed, accessible and comprehensive reference manual reflecting current guidance & citing recent peer-reviewed evidence. It is written by and for radiographers. Through text and diagrams the fundamental skills and techniques for acquisition of high quality diagnostic images are explained and demonstrated; high quality ultrasound images throughout underpin instruction on accurate image interpretation and diagnosis. Inclusion of unusual and rare appearances allow the reader to avoid common pitfalls and resolve diagnostic dilemmas.

    • Step-by-step guide to performing, interpreting and reporting breast ultrasound examinations
    • Extensive coverage of underlying principles and practice of breast ultrasound
    • Holistic chapter on ultrasound of the male breast
    • Experienced editor and contributing team with current experience in clinical practice and educational delivery
    • Application specific physics and equipment chapters
    ISBN 9780443100765
    Author Informaiton By Anne-Marie Dixon, MHSc, PGCHEP, DMU, DCRR, Lecturer, Division of Radiography, University of Bradford
    Table of Content Introduction (Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Breast cancer, diagnosis and imaging : a historical perspective (Gillian R. Clough)
    Equipment for breast ultrasound (Heather Venables)
    Breast anatomy and normal ultrasound appearances (Mike Stocksley and Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Ultrasound examination technique (Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Ultrasound image interpretation, recording and reporting (Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Benign breast disease (David S. Enion and Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Malignant breast disease (Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Ultrasound of the augmented breast (Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Breast disease in the male patient (Caroline Begaj)
    Ultrasounded guided interventional techniques (Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Additional diagnostic imaging techniques (Anne-Marie Dixon)
    Breast imaging service provision, education and training (Jacqui Lee and Anne-Marie Dixon)
    発行日 08-11-2007
    Pages 288
    trim 246 X 189 (7 11/16 x 9 7/16)
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