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Gain a better understanding of the nurse's role in caring for populations and the community. The detailed scenarios in Case Studies in Public Health Nursing: Online Practice and Application are real-life situations, designed to promote active learning, classroom discussions, and full comprehension of the material. Over 50 engaging scenarios are presented in a consistent format to help you quickly grasp topics such as community assessment, health promotion, and vulnerable populations. Featuring robust online content along with an accompanying user's guide, these case studies are ideal for use in conjunction with a community health textbook. Plus, suggested readings corresponding to Elsevier community health textbooks are included to help foster a rich learning experience!

Note: This product is a user's guide booklet with a pin code that provides access to over 50 case studies on Evolve.

ISBN 9780323554688
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Table of Content

1. Upstream Thinking: Introduction to Community/Public Health Nursing
2. Determinants of Health
3. Culture of Health

Competencies for PHN Domain 1 - Analytic and Assessment Skills

4. Community Assessment Part 1: Shoe Leather/Windshield Survey and Key Informant Interview
5. Community Assessment Part 2: Using Data Sources
6. Individual Health Risk Assessment
7. Family Health Risk Assessment
8. Environmental Health Risk Assessment

Competencies for PHN Domain 2: Policy Development/Program Planning Skills

9. Policy Development to Protect Health: Local Community Level Policy
10. Policy Development to Protect Health: State Level Policy
11. Policy Development to Protect Health: National Level Policy
12. Program Planning
13. Disaster Planning & Management Part 1: Mitigation & Preparation
14. Disaster Planning & Management Part 2: Response & Recovery

Competencies for PHN Domain 3: Communication Skills

15. Health Literacy
16. Individual Health Promotion
17. Family Health Promotion
18. Community Health Promotion

Competencies for PHN Domain 4: Cultural Competence Skills

19. Advocating and Working with Diverse Populations
20. Targeted Health Information for At-Risk Populations
21. Evaluate Agency Practices and Policies for Cultural Competence

Competencies for PHN Domain 5: Community Dimensions of Practice

22. Task Force Development
23. Coalition Development
24. Navigating United States Health Care System

Competencies for PHN Domain 6: Public Health Science Skills

25. Disease Outbreak - Infectious Disease in a College Dorm
26. Disease Outbreak - Foodborne Illness
27. Disease Outbreak - Potential Epidemic
28. Disease Outbreak - Global Health Risk
29. Disease Outbreak - Emerging Disease
30. Community Based Participatory Research

Competencies for PHN Domain 7: Financial Planning and Management Skills

31. Board of Health Report
32. Proposal for Funding from External Source
33. Delivering Care within Budgetary Guidelines
34. Conflict Management

Competencies for PHN Domain 8: Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills

35. Adhering to Ethical Standards
36. Nurse Managed Centers
37. Quality Management and Improvement
38. Public Health Workforce

Vulnerable Populations

39. Populations Affected with Disabilities
40. Poverty and Homeless
41. Rural and Migrant Health
42. Substance Abuse
43. Violence & Human Abuse

A Day in the Life: Specialty Practice

44. Case Management
45. Faith Community Nursing
46. Forensic and Correctional Nursing
47. Genomics
48. Global Health
49. Home Health and Hospice
50. Occupational Health
51. School Nursing

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