Coaching Process

Edited by Neville Cross, BA(Hons), MSc(Leicester), MSc(Heriot-Watt), FISC and John Lyle, BA(Hons), MSc, MEd, EdD, PgDipMan, PgCertEd
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  • An interdisciplinary approach to maximising sports performance through the application of sports science in coaching, and team management.
  • Includes the principles of coaching plus examples of how these are translated into practice
  • The coaching process in sport - what is it? Who is involved? How does it work in practice?

    The 'coaching process' is both eclectic and multi-disciplinary. It is the coach's role to manage the various parts of the process to form an effective strategy for improving sports performance in the athlete or team. For this unique book, the editors have brought together a team of expert contributors to answer these questions and to share their experiences in coaching, some at Olympic level.
    ISBN 9780750641319
    Author Informaiton Edited by Neville Cross, BA(Hons), MSc(Leicester), MSc(Heriot-Watt), FISC, Lecturer in Sport and Leisure Studies, Faculty of Education, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK and John Lyle, BA(Hons), MSc, MEd, EdD, PgDipMan, PgCertEd, Professor of Sports Coaching, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK
    Published Reviews "This book is eminently suitable for those studying 'coaching' at undergraduate level. The logical format with good clear up-to-date referencing at the end of every section makes it an ideal reference book, and it should be provided by sport and physical education departments within colleges and universities."Physiotherapy/Frontline, January 2001
    Table of Content Part 1 The Concept of the Coaching Process: The coaching process: an overview (John Lyle); Coaching philosophy and coaching behaviour (John Lyle); Coaching effectiveness (Neville Cross); Part 2 The Application of Sports Science in Coaching: Psychological considerations of effective coaching (Richard Cox); Applied physiology of sports coaching (Andrew Maile); Skill learning principles: implications for coaching practice (Malcolm Fairweather); Biomechanics and its application to coaching practice (Simon Coleman); Part 3 Applying the Coaching Process in Specific Contexts: Coaching children (Neville Cross & Bob Brewer); Individualization of training programmes (Neville Cross); Overtraining and the coaching process (Neville Cross & John Lyle); Coaches' decision making (John Lyle); Coaching and the management of performance systems (John Lyle).
    発行日 07-09-1999
    Pages 272
    trim 234 X 156mm
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