Complications in Male Circumcision

Edited by Mohamed A Baky Fahmy
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Circumcision remains as one of the most controversial topics in current urological practice. The most important argument against circumcision is the permanent change of anatomy, histology and function of the penis, with potential complications, with rates reported to be low in developed countries, whereas it may be up to 85% when circumcision is carried out by traditional circumcisers, rather than by medically trained professionals in developing countries.  In some studies, reporting the complications of circumcision, primary haemorrhage was the most common (52%), whereas infection, meatal stenosis, incomplete circumcision, penile oedema, glandular injury, penile adhesions, iatrogenic hypospadias and urethral injuries were also detected at different rates. 

At times minor complications after circumcision which cannot be avoided even when the procedure is undertaken by specialized pediatric surgeons or urologist, in a properly equipped centres; specially if the child or his penis is congenitally abnormal, the obvious examples are, circumcising a child with an excessive suprapubic fat or a child with webbed penis or microphallus . 

This title aims to minimize complications of MC and to compete against its serious impact on men's' health, it will educate and teach physicians about potential complications and how they could manage it early on and avoid further patient problems

This title will shed some light over the common as well the uncommon complications, which usually raise a debate about its management.  There are different sets to classify MC complications: Either early, or late, minor or major, local or systemic, rare or common. Both rare and common complications will be discussed with comprehensive photos and illustrations for each complication and its operative remedy.

ISBN 9780323681278
Product Format Book
Publication Date 2019
Author Information Edited by Mohamed A Baky Fahmy
Table of Content 1 Introduction
2 Male Circumcision: Historical and Religious Background
3 Benefits of Male Circumcision (Circumcision Apparition)
4 Circumcision and Penile Cancer
5 Methods and Techniques of Circumcision
6 Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Complications
7 Prevalence of Male Circumcision Complications
8 Bleeding Complications
9 Infectious Complications of Circumcision
10 Nonaesthetic Circumcision Scarring
11 Circumcision Scars and Aesthetic Concerns
12 Post-Male Circumcision Penile Injuries
13 Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Complications
14 Prevention of Male Circumcision Complications
15 Reconstructive Surgery for Circumcision Complications
発行日 23-05-2019
Pages 194
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