Considerations in Gender Reassignment Surgery, An Issue of Urologic Clinics

By Lee C. Zhao, MD, MS and Rachel Bluebond-Langner
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In consultation with Dr. Samir Taneja, Guest Editors Drs. Lee C. Zhao and Rachel Bluebond-Langner have created an issue of Urologic Clinics that updates readers on the latest advances in gender reassignment surgery. Expert authors have written clinical review articles on the following topics: Epidemiology & Patient selection; Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgender Patients; Psychological benefits of gender affirming surgery; Fertility preservation in Transgender Patients; Orchiectomy as bridge or alternative to vaginoplasty; Penile inversion vaginoplasty technique; Intestinal vaginoplasty; Vaginoplasty modifications to improve Vulvar aesthetics; Metoidioplasty; Single-stage phalloplasty; Two-stage phalloplasty; Prosthetic placement after phalloplasty; Management of Vaginoplasty and Phalloplasty Complications; and Long-term follow up and cancer screening. Readers will come away with the clinical updates they need to improve outcomes in patients undergoing gender reassignment surgery.
ISBN 9780323710497
Author Informaiton By Lee C. Zhao, MD, MS, New York University, New York, NY and Rachel Bluebond-Langner
発行日 03-10-2019
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