Endoscopy and Liver Disease, An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease

By Andres Cardenas, MD, MMSc and Paul J. Thuluvath, MD, MRCP, FRCP
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Gastrointestinal endoscopy plays an essential role in the management of patients with liver disease. This issue reviews the standard of care in the endoscopic management of portal hypertension and biliary disease before and after liver transplantation. A thorough knowledge of the available endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic methods is essential for the practicing hepatologist. Emphasis is placed on recent advances in imaging techniques such as the application of capsule endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound in the evaluation of portal hypertension and recent advances in cholangioscopy and biliary tissue sampling. Additionally new information regarding the endoscopic management of esophageal and gastric varices is reviewed. Finally, the current role of ERCP in the diagnosis and staging of cholangiocarcinoma before liver transplantation and the endoscopic management of biliary complications after liver transplantation is discussed.
ISBN 9781437719147
Author Informaiton By Andres Cardenas, MD, MMSc, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, and Paul J. Thuluvath, MD, MRCP, FRCP, Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of Liver Transplantation, Johns Hopkins University, Balitmore, MD
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"This issue of Clinics in Liver Disease is a valuable up-to-date source of the latest in the use of endoscopic techniques in liver disease. It is a book that uses multidisciplinary approaches, of interest toendoscopists, hepatologists, gastroenterlogists and surgeons, too."

Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, September 2011

発行日 29-06-2010
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