Churchill's Pocketbooks Clinical Dentistry , 4th Edition

Author By Crispian Scully, CBE, MD, PhD, MDS, MRCS, BSc, FDSRCS, FDSRCPS, FFDRCSI, FDSRCSE, FRCPath, FMedSci, FHEA, FUCL, FSB, DSc, DChD, DMed (HC), Dr.hc


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Churchill's Pocketbooks Clinical Dentistry



The new edition of this highly successful pocketbook continues to offer readers the essentials of clinical dentistry in quick reference format. Authored by a team of experienced clinicians and teachers from individual specialities, Churchill's Pocketbook of Clinical Dentistry 4e will be ideal for all dental students, both from within the UK and worldwide.


  • Updated page design and reordered content to make navigation easier
  • In full colour throughout
  • Updated chapter on law, ethics and quality dental care
  • Includes advances in restorative, implant and aesthetic dentistry
  • Additional chapters on the dental team and on practice management
  • New chapters on public health in dentistry and on special care dentistry
  • Updated guidance on emergencies


  • Places emphasis on information of a practical clinical significance to maximise usefulness by the chairside!
  • Authored by a team of experienced clinicians and teachers to ensure the most accurate and current information is provided for a given topic
  • Quick reference format makes revision and learning easy
  • Exclamation mark icon draws attention to important points and likely pitfalls for the inexperienced reader
  • Improved page design makes the book easy to use and navigate
  • Tailored to meet current examination requirements
  • Ideal for use as an aide-mémoire prior to carrying out clinical tasks or to enable readers to apprise themselves of important details prior to tutorials and seminars
  • Perfect for dental students at both the undergraduate and post-graduate level


Another handy, plastic-covered pocketbook from Churchill Livingstone, this is primarily - but not exclusively - aimed at dental students. It is a comprehensive book and just as useful for more-recently qualified dentists and can be used as a revision text for experienced dentists.

BDA News, Vol 20, no 10, October 2007

This book is very good for new dental students starting out. It's a great help to me!

RL Burgess, 1st year Dental Student, Ireland, 2 April 2009

5 stars on Amazon

The Churchill's Pocketbook of Clinical Dentistry is brilliant - far better than the Oxford Handbook!

St John Crean, Robert Bradlaw Advisor, RCS Eng. [personal communication]

The content of the Churchill book is far more relevant and detailed than the OUP book and covers a wider range of topics.

Curriculum coverage? If this volume is indeed aimed at dental students, and recently graduated GDP's, than the book is extremely relevant and manages to cover a wide range of topics in adequate detail.

Sarah Kaddour, ST1, Oral Medicine

I think the book is completely relevant to the undergraduate dental curriculum as it prepares you well for the final exams - and this is what everything should be geared towards. It ticks all the boxes and is obviously a well thought out book in that respect.

The book keeps true to the pocketbook style and covers all key areas of clinical dentistry well, so I really cannot fault it on its approach or philosophy.

It is easy to read as it is logically ordered into headings and subheadings. The paper used is high quality and makes the text easier to read against the white background. The diagrams are great and are the best factor in helping the understanding of the text.

When comparing topics across the Oxford Handbook and the Churchill book, I find that the latter has slightly better content coverage both in terms of learning and understanding. The book also has great diagrams, so keep them coming!

Jasneet Gulati, 5th year BDS student, Sheffield

The book is completely relevant to the curriculum and follows and picks up on the basic themes that are outlined in the 'First 5 years' as set out by the GDC and expands on most of the information too. It doesn't provide any overly abstract information that could be detrimental to students but rather provides a suitable base for anyone to pick up information.

The Churchill book is really expansive in terms of the information it provides and goes into somewhat more detail than the Oxford in its subsections.

Sami Stagnelli, ST3, Oral Medicine

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail given considering the number of topics covered in this little book. As the book is a pocketbook and titled 'clinical dentistry' I expected it to give a brief guide on clinical practices and techniques and it does this successfully.

Narina Evans, 4th year BDS student, Birmingham

I found the level of detail in all areas to be just right. The diagrams were of good size and appropriately complimented the text whilst each topic/chapter was very relevant when in the clinic.

I feel the book addressed important aspects of dentistry that could be forgotten in other textbooks, for example, psychological aspects of patient care, and ethics and law. I felt the book was able to relate these issues to the practicality of dentistry, and was useful in providing an understanding of these issues in a clinical setting.

I feel that the book aims to give a wide range of information on practising clinical dentistry whilst also covering the biological and chemical basis behind practical work. The book has appropriate detail and information to be used as reference during clinical work. Its small size also aids in this, as I have found it useful to keep the book by my side as I work.

The book is easy to read, especially due to the subheadings which help to break up the text logically.

I feel the book follows a logical order and flows well. The headings make reading simple, easy and enjoyable. The contents page at the start of each chapter allows the reader to see exactly what is in each chapter.

Considering the size of the book it is remarkable that there are so many illustrations (more than I have seen in other books of this size!) They are well labelled and appropriately compliment the text.

I have really enjoyed reading this book, and find it a great comfort and reinforcement to have by my side while I am on clinic. It is like having a qualified dentist beside me to ask questions to! I was very impressed with the level of detail that the book goes into, especially considering its size, and found it better than other handbooks of its kind that I have used before. The tables in the book are a great addition as they give so much detailed information, and the diagrams are also exceptional, being well labelled and very informative.

Laura Moylan, 4th year BDS student, Birmingham


, Director: WHO Collaborating Centre for Oral Health-General Health; King James IV Professor Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh); Emeritus Professor: UCL (London) and Visiting Professor; Universities of Athens, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Plymouth




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Churchill Livingstone




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