Infectious Diseases of the Nervous System

Edited by Larry E. Davis, MD, FACP and Peter G. E. Kennedy, MD, PhD, DSc, FRCP, FRSE, FMedSci
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* Agents covered include bacteria, prions, viruses, and parasites
* Details the newly recognized spectrum of herpes zoster encephalomyelitis and new antiviral drugs
* Analyses emerging brain and spinal cord cytomegalovirus infections developing in immunocompromised patients
The primary purpose of this volume is to cover selected infections of the nervous system which are of considerable current interest, reflecting the many advances in investigations, understanding and treatment of nervous system infections. It will enable clinicians to keep abreast of recent findings and improve outcomes for many patients. The contributors provide a comprehensive discussion of each infection, including pathophysiology, clinical features, investigations, diagnosis and management.
ISBN 9780750642132
Author Information Edited by Larry E. Davis, MD, FACP, Chief, Neurology Service, New Mexico VA Health Care System; Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Microbiology, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM, USA; and Peter G. E. Kennedy, MD, PhD, DSc, FRCP, FRSE, FMedSci, Burton Professor of Neurology, Glasgow University Department of Neurology, Institute of Neurological Sciences, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Table of Content Cerebral malaria (NPJ Day, UK; G Turner, UK); Neurologic aspects of Lyme disease (PK Coyle, USA); Postinfectious encephalomyelitis (PK Coyle, USA); Cytomegalovirus infection of the adult nervous system (E Lavi, USA; Alexandros Tselis, USA); Herpes simplex virus encephalitis (JR Baringer, USA); HIV-associated dementia (J McArthur, USA); Human prion diseases (R de Silva, UK; RG Will, UK); Japanese encephalitis (A Desai, India; M Gourie-Devi, India; V Ravi, India; SK Shankar, India); Vaccines to prevent bacterial meningitis (JS Kroll, UK; JM MacLennan, UK); Neurological complications of varicella-zoster virus (DH Gilden, USA; JJ LaGuardia, USA; R Mahalingam, USA; TM White, USA; RJ Cohrs, USA); Neurological aspects of human African trypanosomiasis (JLM de Atouguia, Portugal; P Kennedy, UK); Neurosyphilis (C Marra, USA); Rabies (T Hemachudha, Thailand; E Mitrathekd, Thailand); Recurrent aseptic meningitis (RL DeBiasi, USA; KL Tyler, USA); Tuberculous meningitis (LE Davis, USA); Ehrlichiosis and the nervous system (LE Davis, USA; CD Paddock, USA; JE Childs, USA).
発行日 09-05-2000
Pages 552
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