Lung Cancer Rehabilitation

Edited by Adrian Cristian, MD
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Edited by cancer rehabilitation specialist Dr. Adrian Cristian, Lung Cancer Rehabilitation provides clinicians with a concise and accessible resource covering the holistic rehabilitation of lung cancer patients. Beginning with the epidemiology, genetics, and pathophysiology of lung cancer, it then covers clinical assessment and treatment options before providing comprehensive coverage of rehabilitation. Offering practical information, best practices and the latest advances and research, this book is a valuable reference for physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and residents, as well as occupational therapists and physical therapists. 
ISBN 9780323834049
Author Information Edited by Adrian Cristian, MD, Chief, Cancer Rehabilitation, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, Florida.
Table of Content  Preface
1 Systemic Therapy and Radiation Therapy in Lung Cancer
2 Cascade of Disability in Lung Cancer
3 Fatigue in lung cancer
4 Peripheral Neuropathy in Lung Cancer
5 Neuromusculoskeletal Complications of Lung Cancer Surgery
6 Cognitive Impairment in Lung cancer
7 Bone and Spinal Metastasis in Lung Cancer
8 Musculoskeletal & Neurological complications of Immunotherapy
9 Psychosocial Distress and Anxiety in Lung Cancer
10 Frailty, Sarcopenia in Lung Cancer and Role of Rehabilitation Medicine
11 The rehabilitation continuum of Care for Lung cancer
12 Exercise in Lung Cancer
13 Pre-rehabilitation in Lung Cancer
14 Functional outcomes in lung cancer rehabilitation
15 Nutritional Rehabilitation in Lung Cancer
16 Telerehabilitation in Lung Cancer
17 Pain Management in Cancer Rehabilitation
18 Palliative Medicine and Pain Management in Lung Cancer
19 Assessment and Treatment of Bone  and Spinal Metastasis in Lung Cancer
19 Role of Physical and OccupationalTherapy in Lung Cancer Rehabilitation
19 Surgical Treatment of Lung Cancer
19 Radiation Therapy in the treatment of Lung Cancer
19 Survivorship in Lung Cancer
発行日 26-04-2022
Pages 330
trim 235 x 191 (7 1/2 x 9 1/4)
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