Medicinal Herbs in Primary Care

By Jean M. Bokelmann, MD
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Written specifically for the conventional medical healthcare provider, Medicinal Herbs in Primary Care forms an integral part of the primary care tool belt. Through a series of system-based disease tables, this unique title provides quick, authoritative guidance for the busy practitioner whose patient is requesting guidance on medicinal herbs. The disease tables are supported by herbal monographs that provide expanded details of the available preclinical and clinical evidence laid out in a system-based sequence. Together with the section on herbal basics, this practical reference contains the information today's medical healthcare providers need to develop familiarity with and confidence in the prescription of medicinal herbs.

  • Provides quick answers and evidence-based prescribing guidance for medicinal herbs while also addressing complexities and co-morbidities in patient care.
  • Features 48 system-based disease tables that identify herbs based on strength of evidence and indicate the scope of potential benefits for other conditions the patient may have.
  • Includes 55 monographs for the most common medicinal herbs, with safety and precaution guidelines, summaries of preclinical and clinical trials, chemical constituents and actions, and prescription options for each.
  • Contains an introductory section on the basics of medicinal herbs that dispels common misconceptions regarding herbal medicine.
  • Discusses key topics such as herb-drug interactions, and includes information on SARS-COV-2 where appropriate.
  • Uses typical medical abbreviations throughout for ease of use, and provides a glossary of terms for non-medical and alternative health care providers.
  • Helps conventional medical practitioners partner with patients to determine safe herbal options when appropriate, and ensure safety and efficacy of herbal use.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
ISBN 9780323846769
Author Information By Jean M. Bokelmann, MD, Retired Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Geriatrics, Adjunct Faculty, Idaho State University Family Medicine Residency Program Pocatello, ID
Table of Content  Preface
1 History: Ancient Herbal Practice, Herbalism in the 20th Century: DSHEA and CGMP legislation, ESCOP and German Commission E
2 Making distinctions: The Herbal Niche in the Spectrum of Integrative Medicine
3 Herbal preparations: Teas, Tinctures, Encapsulations, Powders
4 Herbal Chemistry
5 Herb Safety
6 Finding the Evidence
7 The Practical Use of Herbs for Common Primary Care Conditions -The Good, the Bad and the Drugless
 Introduction to Disease Tables
8 EENT non-infectious (see also Infectious Disease, Pulmonary: Asthma/allergy)
9 Pulmonary
10 Cardiovascular
11 Gastrointestinal
12 Urological
13 Women's Disorders
14 Men's Disorders
15 Musculoskeletal Disorders
16 Neurological Disorders
17 Psychiatric Disorders
18 Dermatologic Disorders
19 Endocrine
20 Disorders of Vitality
21 Immune System Disorders
22 Infectious Diseases
23 Hematology-Oncology
 Introduction to Part III
24 Aloe vera
25 Andrographis
26 Ashwagandha
27 Astragalus
28 Bacopa
29 Bilberry
30 Black cohosh
31 black seed/nigella/black cumin
32 Burdock
33 Butterbur
34 Calendula
35 Chamomile
36 Chasteberry/Chaste tree
37 Coleus
38 Cranberry
39 Dandelion
40 Dong quai
41 Echinacea
42 Elder (berry/flower)
43 Eleuthero
44 Fennel
45 Fenugreek
46 Frankincense
47 Ginger
48 Ginkgo
49 Ginseng - American
49 Ginseng - Asian and American
50 Goji
51 Gymnema
52 Gynostemma
52 Passionflower
53 Hawthorn
54 Holy basil
55 Hops
56 Horse chesnut
57 Horsetail
58 Lemon Balm
59 Licorice
60 Maca
61 Milk Thistle
62 Motherwort
63 Passionflower
64 Peppermint
65 Rhodiola
66 Saffron
67 Saint John's Wort
68 Saw palmetto
69 Schisandra
70 Skullcap
71 Stinging Nettle
72 Tribulus
73 Turmeric
74 Umckalaobo/South African geranium
75 Uva ursi
76 Valerian
77 Yarrow
 Appendix I: Medical and Research Abbreviations and Terms (Glossary)
 Appendix II: Resources
発行日 20-09-2021
Pages 696
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