Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology & Neurocritical Care in Anaesthesia: Prepare for the FRCA E-Book

Edited by Nicholas Pace, FRCA FRCP PhD
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This eBook is one of 10 carefully selected collections of key articles from the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine journal - a continually updated, evidence-based learning resource, based on the RCOA Curriculum. It is ideal for trainees approaching a new sub-specialty and/or when preparing for the FRCA (or similar) exams.  It will also prove an invaluable, authoritative refresher for life-long learning and CPD. Related MCQs are included to test your understanding.

ISBN 9780702069437-vst
Author Information Edited by Nicholas Pace, FRCA FRCP PhD , Honorary Clinical Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Glasgow; Consultant Anaesthetist, Gartnavel General Hospital, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Glasgow UK.
Table of Content Section 1: Preoperative Care and Planning
Preoperative assessment of neurosurgical patients
Section 2: Neurosurgical Anatomy and Physiology
The brain: functional divisions
Intracranial pressure and cerebral blood flow
Applied cerebral physiology
Cerebrospinal fluid and its physiology
Pharmacological and pathological modulation of cerebral physiology
Section 3: Anaesthesia for Cranial Neurosurgery
Anaesthesia for neurosurgery
Subarachnoid haemorrhage and anaesthesia for neurovascular surgery
Neurosurgical techniques in the management of chronic pain
General principles of postoperative neurosurgical care
Section 4: Pituitary Anaesthesia
Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function: anaesthetic implications
Pituitary disease and anaesthesia
Section 5: Anaesthesia for Spinal Neurosurgery
Cervical spine disease and anaesthesia
Cervical spine radiology
Anaesthesia for spinal surgery
Section 6: Stroke and Anaesthesia for Neuroradiology
Acute management of stroke - I: ischaemic stroke
Acute management of stroke - II: haemorrhagic stroke
Anaesthesia for interventional neuroradiology
Section 7: Neurological Intensive Care
Clinical approach to comatose patients
Traumatic brain injury: initial resuscitation and transfer
Clinical neuroprotection and secondary neuronal injury mechanisms
Critical care management of severe head injury
Therapeutic hypothermia for brain injury
Therapeutic hypothermia and acute brain injury
Hypoxic-ischaemic brain damage following cardiac arrest
Neuromuscular disorders: relevance to anaesthesia and intensive care
Test Yourself: MCQs
発行日 20-11-2015
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