Novel Approaches to the Management of Sleep-Disordered Breathing, An Issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics

By Neil Freedman, MD
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This issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics focuses on Novel Therapies for Sleep-Disorderd Breathing. Article topics include: The problems and pitfalls with current approaches to managing sleep disordered breathing; New approaches to diagnosing sleep disordered breathing; Monitoring progress and adherence with PAP therapy for OSA; The future of dental approaches for the treatment of OSA; Pharmacologic approaches for the treatment of OSA; Novel therapies for the treatment of central sleep apnea; Advances and new approaches to managing sleep disordered breathing related to chronic pulmonary disease; The role of big data in the management of sleep disordered breathing; Using genes and biomarkers to assess risk and identify optimal treatments for patients with sleep disordered breathing, and more!

ISBN 9780323446341
Author Information By Neil Freedman, MD, Northshore University Healthsystem
発行日 13-06-2016
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