Pediatric Urology, An Issue of Urologic Clinics

By Anthony Caldamone, MD, Hillary L Copp, Aseem R. Shukla, MD and Armando J Lorenzo
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In consultation with Consulting Editor, Samir Taneja, the Guest Editors have created an issue that provides a current look at urologic disease in the pediatric patient. Authors represent the top academic institutions and have contributed review articles on the following topics: Antibiotic Prophylaxis; Peritransplant Management by the Pediatric Urologist; Pediatric Stone Disease; Anesthesia in the Pediatric Patient; Neurogenic Bladder/Augmentation; Fertility Issues in Pediatric Urology; Transitional Urology; Minimally Invasive Surgery Update; Exstrophy Epispadias and Global Urology; Bladder/Bowel Dysfunction; Prenatal Hydronephrosis;  and Overview of DSD/Genital Surgery in Children. Readers will come away with the clinical updates they need for proper diagnosis and treatment of the pediatric patient.
ISBN 9780323643146
Author Informaiton By Anthony Caldamone, MD, Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics, Director of Urology Residency Program, Department of Urology, Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, RI; Hillary L Copp; Aseem R. Shukla, MD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA and Armando J Lorenzo
Table of Content 1. Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Pediatric Urology
2. Pediatric Stone Disease
3. Anesthesia in the Pediatric Patient
4. Peri-transplant Management by the Pediatric Urologist
5. Neurogenic Bladder and Bladder Augmentation
6. Fertility Issues in Pediatric Urology
7. Transitional Urology
8. Minimally Invasive Surgery in Pediatric Urology
9. Exstrophy Epispadias as a Paradigm for Global Urology
10. Bladder Bowel Dysfunction
11. Prenatally Hydronephrosis
12. Overview of DSD and Genital Surgery in Children
発行日 16-11-2018
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