Massage Therapy :The Evidence for Practice

Author By Grant Jewell Rich, PhD, NCTMB



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Massage Therapy



  • The first text to provide the evidence which the profession is looking for to support its practice - BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER IN ONE BOOK.
  • Editorial comment will show the relevance of the research evidence to the day to day work of the practitioner
  • Brings together material which at the moment is not readily available to the non-academic therapist
  • Up to date and credible- the latest and most important findings by the key names
  • Common structure to all chapters will make it easier for the reader not used to reading research to follow.
  • Readable, reliable, referenced.
  • 公開されたレビュー

    "One of the few books that documents recent research findings, this is most definitely a must have... The great thing about this book is it s accessibility. It is well organized, easy to read and clearly covers methodological challenges as well as documenting research studies ." Sandrine Dodson, The international Journal of Aromatherapy, Vol 12 No 2, June 2002

    Journal of Bodywork and Movemnet Therapies, Leon Chaitow, January 2004
    "The fact that results are as good as those emerging from the evidence presented in this book suggests that if a higher standard of training existed, worldwide, results would be even more impressive. The book is well organized, and works to the strengths of massage with the text divided into logical sections."


    By Grant Jewell Rich, PhD, NCTMB, Massage Therapy Practitioner, Alaska


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