Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians , 4th Edition

By Carolyn M. Vella, Lorraine M. Shelton, BS, BA, John J. McGonagle and Terry W. Stanglein, VMD
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* The 4th edition of Roy Robinson's established text on cat genetics has been updated by a team of specialists to reflect a decade of changes and advances in genetic research
* The authorship now includes a practising veterinarian as well as experienced cat breeders, thus making this new edition useful at both veterinary and breeder levels
* New technical and historical appendices contain important reference material and a glossary has been added for ease of reference
Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians 4th Edition is an essential purchase for all breeders of pedigreed cats, practising small animal veterinarians and veterinary undergraduates. This fully revised edition re-establishes Genetics for Cat Breeders as the text of choice in the field of feline genetics.
ISBN 9780750640695
Author Informaiton By Carolyn M. Vella, Licenced Judge, American Cat Fanciers' Association; Professional member of the Cat Writers' Association; Registered cat breeder; Lorraine M. Shelton, BS, BA, Research scientist, Southern California, USA;; John J. McGonagle, Licensed Judge, American Cat Fanciers' Association; Professional Member of the Cat Writers' Association, registered cat breeder; and Terry W. Stanglein, VMD, Practising Veterinarian, Northampton, PA
Published Reviews "If for three decades the late Roy Robinson s Genetics for Cat Breeders has been the cat breeder s Bible, this new book must be the American Revised Version....[The authors] have successfully preserved, continued and expanded on Roy Robinson s pioneering work... Not only does it continue Robinson s work, it actually makes the best guide to feline genetics better!"C.F.A. s The Almanac
Table of Content Introduction; Reproduction and development; Principles of heredity; Impacts of heredity; Breeding systems; Breeding practices; Inbreeding; Coat inheritance; Colour inheritance; Genetics of colour variation and breeds; Genetic anomalies; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.
発行日 01-09-1999
Pages 272
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