So You've Registered, What Now?

By Joleen McKee, BSc (Hons) RN
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Full of real-life tips and insights from nurses working in the UK, this new title covers everything newly qualified registrants need to know as they take the next step.

So You've Registered, What Now? does not cover clinical skills, but rather the practical essentials of working as a nurse in different settings, from hospitals to the community or research sectors. Written in an easy to follow, conversational style, it takes the reader through relevant regulations and provides up to date guidance on how to survive as a nurse in the real world.

New nurses will find this an invaluable resource that will help them to navigate the sometimes convoluted path to establishing their career, and will support them along the highs and lows of their working life.

ISBN 9780323933926
発行日 30-09-2022
在庫状況 Coming Soon
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