Tendon Transfers in the Upper Limb, An Issue of Hand Clinics

By Glenn Gaston, MD
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This issue of Hand Clinics will include articles on tendon transfers in the upper limb such as: Principles of Tendon Transfers, Biomechanics of tendon transfers, Restoration of Shoulder Function, Restoration of Elbow Flexion, Radial Nerve Tendon Transfers, High Median Nerve Tendon Transfers, Low Median Nerve Transfers (Opponensplasty), Ulnar Nerve Tendon Tendon Transfers for Grasp (Intrinsics), and many more!

ISBN 9780323459679
Author Information By Glenn Gaston, MD, Fellowship Director, OrthoCarolina Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship; Chief of Hand Surgery, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
Table of Content 1. Preface: An Update on Upper Extremity Tendon Transfers
2. Principles of Tendon Transfer
3. Biomechanics of Tendon Transfers
4. Restoration of Shoulder Function
5. Restoration of Elbow Flexion
6. Radial Nerve Tendon Transfers
7. High Median Nerve Injuries
8. Low Median Nerve Transfers (Opponensplasty)
9. A Comprehensive Guide on Restoring Grasp Using Tendon Transfer Procedures for Ulnar Nerve Palsy
10. Ulnar Nerve Tendon Transfers for Pinch
11. Tendon Transfers for Combined Peripheral Nerve Injuries
12. Tendon Transfers for Tetraplegia
13. Free Flap Functional Muscle Transfers
14. Tendon Transfers in the Rheumatoid Hand for Reconstruction
15. Tendon Transfers for the Hypoplastic Thumb
16. Cerebral Palsy Tendon Transfers: Flexor Carpi Ulnaris to Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis and Extensor Pollicis Longus Reroutement
17. Index
発行日 18-07-2016
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