The Doctor, His Patient and The Illness , 2nd Edition

By John Balint
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  • A new Foreword by the authors son placing his fathers work in the context of the new millenium.
  • Across the world there are thousands of Balint groups/societies that have a growing number of members keen to read the work of their founding father
    Descriptive analysis of the doctor-patient relationship (largely as found in general practice). With practical advice on the potential and limits to the doctors involvement with the patient.
    ISBN 9780443064609
    Author Informaiton By John Balint, Center for Medical Ethics, Albany
    Table of Content Introduction. The General Problem. The Patients Offers and the Doctors Responses. Elimination by Appropriate Physical examination. Incidence and Evaluation of Neurotic Symptoms. Level of Diagnosis. The Collusion of Anonymity. The General Practitioner and His Consultants. The Perpetuation of the Teacher-Pupil Relationship. Advice and reassurance. How to Start. When to Stop. The Special Psychological Atmosphere of General Practice. The General Practitioner as Psychotherapist. A: Two Illustrative Cases. The general Practitioner as Psychotherapist B: The Difficult Case. The Apostolic Function-I. The Apostolic Function-II. The Doctor and his Patient. The Patient and his Illness. General Practitioner Psychotherapy. Summary and Future outlook.
    発行日 07-04-2000
    Pages 416
    trim 216x140
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