The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points, Referral Patterns and Stretching, 2nd Edition

By Joseph E. Muscolino, DC
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  • Full-color musculoskeletal overlays depict muscles and bones exactly as they appear when palpated to help you locate tissues and landmarks with confidence.
  • Comprehensive palpation coverage helps you easily identify muscle names, attachments, actions, palpation steps, and more.
  • Video demonstrations on the Evolve site demonstrate and reinforce correct muscle palpation.
  • Joseph Muscolino's popular, concise writing style makes the science of palpation clear and accessible, encouraging critical thinking skills.
  • Trigger points and referral patterns included for each muscle provide convenient access to guidelines for additional client assessment and treatment.
  • Massage-specific treatment options guide you from palpation and assessment to practical treatment application.
  • Stretching protocols and illustrations broaden your treatment capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Body Mechanics chapter details 10 guidelines to help maximize efficiency during practice.
  • A massage stroke atlas with information on draping techniques, massage strokes, and fundamental characteristics of touch helps you efficiently treat clients.
  • Detailed explanations and full color drawings for bone and bony landmark palpation provide a comprehensive resource for bone palpation.

Muscolino' s comprehensive and visually engaging coverage takes an in-depth look at palpation of muscle and bone along with trigger points and their pain referral patterns, stretching, specific muscle treatment, and more. Amazing four-color artwork shows palpation of the muscle with illustrations drawn over full-color photos. New additions such as review questions, "Deeper Thoughts," case studies and an Interactive Muscle Program help you develop integrative clinical-reasoning skills and successfully apply palpation techniques in massage therapy.

  • Step-by-step muscle palpation coverage with clear reasoning provided for each step presents content in a way that is easily understood and remembered rather than just memorized.
  • Amazing four-color artwork shows palpation of the muscle with muscle and bone illustrations drawn over full-color photos offering you a better sense of exactly how the muscles look and where the muscle is located underneath the skin as it is being palpated.
  • UNIQUE! Stretching coverage provides more information on this effective treatment technique and helps you understand the role of stretching in treatment.
  • Trigger Points and Referral Patterns illustrations show where trigger points lie on the muscle and where pain radiates when an injury is felt so you can effectively identify trigger points and referral patterns in a clinical setting.
  • UNIQUE! Palpation photos help students and practitioners learn to identify muscles when the body is positioned the way they will encounter it in the massage setting.
  • Specific massage-related assessment and treatment strokes are shown through illustrations and in the Palpation Notes, moving you from theory and assessment to practical application.
  • Bone Palpation coverage teaches you to identify and palpate bones and bony landmarks.
  • Chapter overviews and outlines introduce each chapter so you can preview the content and direction of the chapter at the major concept level.
  • Measurable chapter objectives at the start of each chapter identify key goals as well as information that should be mastered.
ISBN 9780323221962
Author Information By Joseph E. Muscolino, DC, Instructor, Purchase College, State University of New York, Purchase, NY; Owner, The Art and Science of Kinesiology, Redding, CT
Published Reviews

"Overall, this is a marvelous book, with a wealth of information on a topic that often does not get sufficient coverage. The book has some of the best and most pedagogical illustrations I have seen in a long time, and the accompanying website is a great source of resources. I highly recommend it." -Dana J Lawrence, DC, MMedEd, MA, Palmer College of Chiropractic Doody Score: 84/100


"The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points, Referral Patterns and Stretching offers the comprehensive and visually engaging way to truly master manual therapy palpation techniques. It contains thorough and clear palpation methods accompanied by the highest quality illustrations, and it includes a wealth of valuable study aids." - (June 2015, Issue #194)

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Palpation
2. The Art and Science of Muscle Palpation
3. Draping and Basic Massage Strokes
4. Body Mechanics for the Manual Therapist
5. Anatomy, Physiology, and Treatment of Trigger Points
6. Stretching

7. Upper Extremity Bone Palpation and Ligaments
8. Axial Body Bone Palpation and Ligaments
9. Lower Extremity Bone Palpation and Ligaments

10. Tour #1: Palpation of the Muscles of the Shoulder Girdle
11. Tour #2: Palpation of the Neck Muscles
12. Tour #3: Palpation of the Muscles of the Head
13. Tour #4: Palpation of the Muscles of the Arm
14. Tour #5: Palpation of the Muscles of the Forearm
15. Tour #6: Palpation of the Intrinsic Muscles of the Hand
16. Tour #7: Palpation of the Trunk Muscles
17. Tour #8: Palpation of the Pelvic Muscles
18. Tour #9: Palpation of the Thigh Muscles
19. Tour #10: Palpation of the Leg Muscles
20. Tour #11: Palpation of the Intrinsic Muscles of the Foot


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Pages 532
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