Total Parenteral Nutrition

Helen Hamilton
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  • The books elementary nature makes it ideal for nurses or junior medical staff who are unfamiliar with this therapy or who lack knowledge about central venous catheters.
  • Appendix contains step by step procedures referred to throughout the book that can be adapted by the reader to develop new local protocols.
  • The book is illustrated with anatomical drawings and drawings of catheters which will give the reader a clearer understanding of aspects of TPN treatment.
  • Focuses on the multidisciplinary team involved in TPN patient care i.e. pharmacists and dieticians.
  • The editor is recognised and well respected in this field and has already published work in journals.
  • This practical handbook covers the whole range of factors involved in total parenteral nutrition including patient suitability, contraindications, implementation techniques, and alternatives. It also takes into account the patient's opinion, body image, and lifestyle.
    ISBN 9780443060052
    Author Informaiton Edited by Helen Hamilton,Clinical Director, TPN and Line Insertion Service, Department of Parenteral Nutrition, Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust, Oxford, UK
    Table of Content What is Parenteral Nutrition? · The Multi-Disciplinary Team · Patient Assessment · Choosing the Appropriate Catheter for Patients Requiring Parenteral Nutrition · Preparing the Patient for Central Venous Catheter Insertion · The Insertion of a Central Venous Catheter for Parenteral Nutrition · Nursing Management · Dietetic Aspects of Parenteral Nutrition · Complications · Home Parenteral Nutrition · Living with Parenteral Nutrition: a Patient's Perspective · Conclusion
    発行日 07-12-1999
    Pages 256
    trim 232x156
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