Updates in Pediatric Otolaryngology

Edited by Samantha Anne and Julina Ongkasuwan
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This issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics, guest edited by Drs. Samantha Anne and Julina Ongkasuwan, is devoted to Pediatric Otolaryngology. Articles in this outstanding issue include: What's new with Tubes, Tonsils, and Adenoids?; Pediatric Cholesteatoma and Chronic Otitis media with effusion: Minimizing Intervention While Maximizing Outcomes; Endoscopic ear surgery in children; Surgical management of pediatric SNHL; Allergy and the Pediatric Otolaryngologist; Innovations in endonasal sinus surgery in children; Managing the Child with Refractory Sleep Apnea; Craniofacial Interventions in Children; Innovations in airway surgery; Beyond nodules - diagnostic and treatment options in pediatric voice; Aerodigestive Programs Enhance Outcomes in Pediatric Patients; Ankyloglossia; Assessment and Management of Thyroid Disease in Children; and Quality, safety, and role of professionalism in pediatric otolaryngology. A CME program is also available for this title.
ISBN 9780323709132-vst
Author Informaiton Edited by Samantha Anne and Julina Ongkasuwan
発行日 26-08-2019
Pages 240
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