Urologic An issue of Salvage therapies for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

By Badrinath Konety
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Together with Consulting Editor Dr. Samir Taneja, Dr. Badrinath Konety has put together a comprehensive issue that addresses Salvage therapies for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. Expert authors have contributed clinical review articles on the following topics:  BCG salvage therapy: Definition and context; Who will respond to BCG? Predictors and nomograms; Identification of candidates for salvage therapy: Definition of BCG "Failure"; Predictors of response to Intravesical therapy; Precision medicine for NMIBC; Salvage therapy using BCG derivatives or single agent chemotherapy; Intravesical heated Mitomycin: Biology and clinical utility; Mitomycin derivatives in the salvage setting; Combination intravesical therapy; Intravesical gene therapy; Immunoncology as salvage therapy; Role of IDO inhibitors in salvage therapy; and Novel agents for intravesical therapy.  Readers will come away with the clinical information they need to improve outcomes in patients with bladder cancer.
ISBN 9780323722568
Author Informaiton By Badrinath Konety
発行日 05-12-2019
Pages 240
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