Wound Management in the Horse, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice

By Earl Michael Gaughan
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This issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice, edited by Dr. Earl Michael Gaughan, focuses on Wound Management in the Horse, with topics including: Diagnostic Approaches to Understanding Equine Limb Wounds; Wounds over Synovial Structures; Wounds with Special Challenges, such as exposed bone, marked hemmorrhage, genital and mobile sites; Wound Cleansing and Hygiene; Suture Selection and Patterns; Topical Wound Medications; "Non-Healing" Wounds; Medical Therapy in Wound Management; Regnerative Therapies in Wound Management; Bandages, Casts, and External Support; and LASER Therapy.
ISBN 9780323643245
Author Informaiton By Earl Michael Gaughan, Senior Account Manager, Scientific Sales Affairs, Merck & Co.
Table of Content



1. Diagnostic Approaches to Understanding Equine Limb Wounds

2. Wounds Over Synovial Structures

3. Wounds with Special Challenges

4. Wound Cleansing and Hygiene

5. To Close or to Leave Open?

6. Topical wound medications

7. The "Non-Healing" Wound

8. Medical Therapy in Wound Management

9. Regenerative Therapies in Wound Management

10. Bandages, Casts, External Support

11. LASER Therapy, etc.

発行日 21-12-2018
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