ACL Injuries in Female Athletes

Edited by Robin West and Brandon Bryant
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This easy-to-read reference presents a succinct overview of clinically-focused topics covering the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of ACL injuries in the female athlete. Written by two professional team physicians, it provides practical, focused information for orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeons and physicians.

  • Covers ACL injury risk factors and prevention, including biomechanics, biology, and anatomy of the female athlete.
  • Discusses graft choices, the biology of healing, rehabilitation and return to play, future options for treatment, and more.
  • Addresses special considerations such as pediatric ACL and revision ACL.
  • Consolidates today's available information and experience in this timely area into one convenient resource.
ISBN 9780323548397
作者資訊 Edited by Robin West and Brandon Bryant

"The authors note that this book is the first of its kind to discuss ACL injuries based on gender, and as such fills a void in the medical literature. The inclusion of unique topics related to female athletes make it an important contribution to the field."

-Carol Federiuk, MD PhD (Oregon Health and Science University) for Doody's Review Service

Table of Content


1. Injury Epidemic

2. Risk Factors: Biomechanics, Biology, and Anatomy

3. ACL Prevention Programs Overview

4. ACL Anatomy

5. ACL Graft Choices in the Female Athlete

6. Biology of Healing after ACL Reconstruction

7. Special Considerations: Pediatric ACL

8. Special Considerations: Revision ACL

9. Rehabilitation and Return to Play after ACL Reconstruction

10. Future Options: biologic augmentation, graft choices

11. Psychology of Return to Play after ACL Injury

出版日期 11-12-2018
Pages 114
Trim 235 x 191 (7 1/2 x 9 1/4)
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