Anatomy of General Surgical Operations , 2nd Edition

By Glyn G. Jamieson, MD, FRACS
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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It will be of interest to Candidates for the Fellowship in General Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons and equivalent examinations, in particular the Fellowship of the Australian College of Surgeons. It describes the anatomical knowledge required for the 45 most common general surgical procedures.

  • Covers approximately 60 of the commonest operations in general surgery that need to be mastered during higher surgical training
  • Each chapter covers the anatomy that will be encountered during the operation
  • Includes notes on anatomical variations that may be encountered
  • Fully illustrated with clear line drawings
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    ISBN 9780443100079
    作者資訊 By Glyn G. Jamieson, MD, FRACS, Professor of Surgery, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia
    已刊登評論 This is an excellent book describing the anatomical basis for general surgical operations. It is clearly written and the majority of the diagrams are excellent. Being written by surgeons it accentuates the important aspects of applied anatomy, giving sound practical advice.
    I would recommend it to those studying for the intercollegiate speciality examination in general surgery. More experienced surgeons will also find it useful as a source of reference that clearly demonstrates the practical application of anatomy to the art of surgery.

    July issue of the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons
    Table of Content A collection of approximately 60 chapters each devoted to the anatomy of one of the common general surgical operations. Divided into seven sections:

    Abdominal operations.

    General surgical operations in the thorax.

    Head and neck operations.

    Surgical oncological procedures.

    Arterial and venous surgery.

    General surgical neurological operations.

    Surgery of the skin.
    出版日期 22-05-2006
    Pages 240
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