Atlas of Cosmetic Surgery with DVD , 2nd Edition

By Michael S. Kaminer, MD, Kenneth A. Arndt, MD MD, Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC, Thomas E. Rohrer, MD and Christopher B. Zachary, MD
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The new edition of this comprehensive, practical, and richly illustrated atlas covers a broad range of both surgical and medical aspects of cosmetic dermatology, including laser resurfacing, chemical peels, blepharoplasty and face lifts, hair transplantation, hair removal, and so much more. Dr. Kaminer along with an esteemed team of respected leaders in dermatology, oculoplastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, anesthesiology, and ophthalmology provide in-depth, descriptions of today's most widely used techniques. Every nuance of every procedure is clearly defined with more than 700 full-color crisp illustrations and high-quality clinical photographs. And best of all, this remarkable text now includes a DVD containing step-by-step videos demonstrating exactly how to proceed and what outcomes you can expect.

  • Provides a thorough review of each procedure followed by a step-by-step description on how the procedure is performed to help you see exactly how to proceed.
  • Presents extensive information on how to perform laser procedures such as laser hair removal.laser treatment of vascular lesions.and more, so you can offer your patients a wide range of services.
  • Features detailed visual guidance on how to perform liposuction and Botox injections, keeping you on the cusp of cosmetic dermatology.
  • Includes chapters on photoaging and the psychosocial elements of cosmetic surgery to help you handle any challenges that arise.
  • Discusses patient selection, pre- and post-operative care, and how to avoid complications and minimize risks.
  • Reviews local and regional anesthesia techniques so you know precisely which anesthetic to use for what procedure.
ISBN 9781416036623
作者資訊 By Michael S. Kaminer, MD, Skin Care Physicians of Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine (Dermatology), Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH; Kenneth A. Arndt, MD MD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA; SkinCare Physicians of Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, MA Director, SkinCare Physicians, Chestnut Hill MA USA Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Yale Medical School Adjunct Professor of Medicine (Dermatology), Dartmouth Medical School Clinical Professor of Dermatology (Emeritus), Harvard Medical School ; Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC, SkinCare Physicians of Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, MA; Adjunct Professor of Medicine (Dermatology), Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH; Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology, Yale University School of Medicine; Thomas E. Rohrer, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, RI, USA; Private Practice, SkinCare Physicians, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA and Christopher B. Zachary, MD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Dermatology, University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA, USA
已刊登評論 This Atlas is a very handy book, which includes numerous diagrams, charts and high resolution photographs. In addition, a DVD is included with actual demonstrations of procedures described in the book in which the authors share their insights, techniques and expertise with the reader. A hands on, practical book useful to anyone who has an interest in even the most minor cosmetic procedure. No cosmetic surgeon can afford not to read this book.

Sadr, January 2009
出版日期 21-11-2008
Pages 592
Trim 219x276
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