Avery's Neonatology Board Review

By Patricia Chess
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Prepare for success on the neonatology boards and in clinical practice with Avery's Neonatology Board Review: Certification and Clinical Refresher. This highly practical review tool follows the exam blueprint, is based on the trusted content found in Avery's Diseases of the Newborn, and has been carefully tailored for effective exam review by renowned neonatologist and educator, Patricia Chess, MD. Concise, relevant information is presented in a way that's easy to study and remember, giving you an important advantage on this challenging exam, as well as in the daily, fast-changing practice of neonatology

ISBN 9780323549325
作者資訊 By Patricia Chess
Table of Content

Chess: Avery's Neonatology Board Review: Certification and Clinical Refresher, 1e

1. Maximizing Test Performance

Section 1: Maternal-Fetal Medicine

2. Pregnancy 

3. Fetal assessment/treatment

4. Labor and Delivery

Section 2: Asphyxia and Resuscitation

5. Asphyxia and Resuscitation

Section 3: Cardiovascular

6. Cardiac Development

7. Cardiovascular Physiology

8. Congenital Heart Disease

9. Cardiopulmonary Dysfunction

10. Electrocardiology, Electrophysiology, Dysrhythmias

11. Pharmacologic Therapy of heart disease

Section 4: Respiratory

12. Embryology and Physiology

13. Respiratory Distress Syndrome

14. Aspiration, Pneumonia, Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension

15. Pleural Disorders, additional causes of respiratory distress

16. Apnea of Prematurity, neonatal respiratory depression

17. Assisted Ventilation/ ECMO/ pharmacologic agents

Section 5: Genetics and IEM

18. Molecular genetics

19. Patterns of congenital disorders

20. Non-genetic etiologies for congenital defects

21. Evaluation of Infants with congenital anomalies

22. Inborn errors of Metabolism

Section 6: Nutrition

23. Nutrition and growth

24. Minerals, vitamins and trace minerals

25. Enteral nutrition

26. Parenteral nutrition

Section 7: Renal/ fluids/ Electrolytes

27. Water/Electrolyte Metabolism and Acid-Base Balance

28. Abnormal Renal Development

Section 8: Endocrine

29. Normal and Abnormal sexual differentiation

30. Adrenal disorders

31. Thyroid disorders

32. Glucose Metabolism

33. Calcium/ Phosphorus/ Magnesium Metabolism

34. Thermoregulation

Section 9: Immunology

35. Development of the Immune System

36. Components of immune system

37. Abnormal function of immune system

Section 10: Infectious Diseases

38. Infections of Organ Systems

39. Etiologic Agents

40. Prevention of Infection and Immunization

Section 11: Gastroenterology

41. GI Development

42. GI Anomalies

43. Acquired disorders of GI tract

44. Liver disease, abdominal masses, ascites in the newborn

Section 12: Hyperbilirubinemia

45. Bilirubin Biochemistry Metabolism and Measurement

46. Bilirubin toxicity

47. Physiologic and breast milk jaundice

Section 13: Skin Disorders

48. Skin Development and Function

49. Neonatal Skin lesions, diagnosis and management

Section 14: Hematology/ Oncology

50. Erythrocytes

51. White blood cells

52. Platelets and coagulation

53. Transfusion Therapy in Neonates

54. Solid tumors and leukemias

Section 15: Neurology

55. Neurologic evaluation

56. Development of the Nervous System

57. Encephalopathy

58. Intracranial Hemorrhage and vascular injury

59. Cranial and neurologic trauma

60. Neonatal Seizures

61. CNS infections

62. Neonatal Abstinence and withdrawal syndromes

63. Hypotonia and Other Aspects

Section 16: Neurodevelopment

64. Incidence of Neurodevelopmental Impairments


66. Clinical Features of Neurodevelopmental Impairment

Section 17: Ear nose throat

67. Eye development, retinopathy of prematurity

68. Ear Development and Anomalies

69. Nose/mouth/throat development/ maldevelopment

Section 18: Diagnostic Imaging

70. Neurologic imaging

71. Chest imaging

72. Abdominal imaging

73. Miscellaneous

Section 19: Pharmacology

74. Drug disposition and pharmacokinetics

75. Clinical toxicology

76. Indications/mechanisms/adverse reactions for common drugs

Section 20: Ethics & Health Services Delivery

77. Organization of Perinatal Care

78. Ethical and legal issues in Neonatology

Section 21: Core Knowledge & Scholarly Activities

79. Biostatistics in Research

80. Epidemiology and Clinical Research Design

81. Applying research to clinical practice

82. Principles of teaching and learning

83. Ethics in Research

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