Chair Massage

By Patricia Holland, MC, LMT and Sandra K. Anderson, BA, LMT, ABT, NCTMB
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Expand your practice and attract new clients with chair massage! A practical, visual guide to this rapidly growing field, Chair Massage helps you develop a basic routine and adapt to different clients and situations. Expert authors Patricia M. Holland, MC, LMT, and Sandra K. Anderson, BA, LMT, NCTMB, provide coverage of massage techniques, chair adjustment, body mechanics, and applying pressure, plus specific routines for the lower back, shoulders, neck/head, and arm/hand regions -- with full-color photographs clearly demonstrating each technique. A chapter on the business aspects of seated massage helps you market and manage your practice successfully.

  • An attractive, full-color design and numerous photographs help clarify each technique and provide a maximum amount of detail for effective positioning.
  • A chapter on business helps therapists translate their knowledge into revenue by addressing crucial topics - including where to do chair massage, defining the target market, writing introductory letters, marketing for the table business, the benefits of chair massage, getting paid, and contracts.
  • Appendices provide valuable information in a quick-reference format - including a list of reminders that highlight the most important routines, common complaints from clients and which muscles might be the culprits, and sample intake forms.
  • A brief, but thorough review of anatomy covers the specific information that massage therapists need to know in order to perform the routines.
  • A practical, spiral binding allows readers to lay the book flat while they practice the routines described.
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    ISBN 9780323025591
    作者資訊 By Patricia Holland, MC, LMT, Instructor and Dean of Students, Cortiva Institute-Tucson; Owner and Practitioner, Mindful Touch Therapeutic Massage, Tucson, AZ and Sandra K. Anderson, BA, LMT, ABT, NCTMB, Co-Owner and Practitioner, Tucson Touch Therapies Treatment Center and Education Center, Tucson, AZ
    Table of Content



    1. What is Chair Massage?

    2. Essentials of Practice

    3. Basic Sequence

    4. Enhancing Treatment Sessions

    5. Additional Techniques and Adaptations

    6. Essentials of Business

    7. Communication and Ethics

    Appendix A: Traditional Chinese Medicine Channel Review

    Appendix B: Anatomy and Kinesiology Review

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    出版日期 11-03-2010
    Pages 256
    Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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