Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques , 9th Edition

By Anne Griffin Perry, RN, EdD, FAAN, Patricia A. Potter, RN, MSN, PhD, FAAN and Wendy Ostendorf, RN, MS, EdD, CNE
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Get the best skills guidance on the market with Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques, 9th Edition. Known for its clear and comprehensive coverage of over 200 basic, intermediate and advanced skills, this widely respected, bestselling text features nearly 1,000 full-color photographs and drawings, a nursing process framework, step-by-step instructions with rationales, and a focus on critical thinking and evidence-based practice. This edition also includes new coverage of patient-centered care and safety guidelines, an enhanced emphasis on QSEN core competencies, and an expanded clinical focus with specialized Clinical Debriefs, Teach-Back, and sample documentation throughout. Written by the highly respected author team of Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, and Wendy Ostendorf, this text offers all the guidance and tools you need to perform nursing skills with complete confidence!

  • Comprehensive coverage includes 211 basic, intermediate, and advanced nursing skills.
  • Coverage of QSEN core competencies incorporates the areas of delegation and collaboration; reporting and recording; safety guidelines; and teaching, pediatric, geriatric, and home care considerations into lessons.
  • UNIQUE! Using Evidence in Nursing Practice chapter covers the entire process of conducting research, including collecting, evaluating, and applying evidence from published research.
  • Expert team of authors and contributors include some of the most respected individuals in the nursing field.
  • UNIQUE! Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions sections highlight what might go wrong and how to appropriately intervene.
  • Framework on the five-step nursing process gives context for specific skills and their role within overall client care.
  • Streamlined procedural guidelines format makes it easy learn and review basic nursing skills.
  • Clinical Decision Points within skills address key safety issues or possible skill modifications for specific patient needs.
  • Rationales for each skill step incorporate the latest research findings and explain why steps are performed in a specific way, including their clinical significance and benefit.
  • Video clip icons indicate video clips that are related to skills and procedures in the book and related lessons in Nursing Skills Online.
  • Online checklists and video clips may be downloaded to mobile devices.
ISBN 9780323400695
作者資訊 By Anne Griffin Perry, RN, EdD, FAAN, Professor and Associate Dean, School of Nursing, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL; Patricia A. Potter, RN, MSN, PhD, FAAN, Director of Research, Patient Care Services Barnes-Jewish Hospital St. Louis, MO and Wendy Ostendorf, RN, MS, EdD, CNE, Neumann University, Aston, Pennsylvania
Table of Content

Unit: Supporting the Patient Through the Health Care System
1 Using Evidence in Practice
2 Admitting, Transfer, and Discharge
3 Communication and Collaboration
4 Documentation and Informatics

Unit II: Vital Signs and Physical Assessment
5 Vital Signs
6 Health Assessment

Unit III: Special Procedures
7 Specimen Collection
8 Diagnostic Procedures

Unit IV: Infection Control
9 Medical Asepsis
10 Sterile Technique

Unit V: Activity and Mobility
11 Safe Patient Handling, Transfer and Positioning
12 Exercise and Mobility
13 Support Surfaces and Special Beds

Unit VI: Safety and Comfort
14 Patient Safety
15 Disaster Preparedness
16 Pain Management
17 Palliative Care

Unit VII: Hygiene
18 Personal Hygiene and Bed Making 
19 Care of the Eye and Ear

Unit VIII: Medications
20 Safe Medicine Preparation
21 Administration of Nonparenteral Medications
22 Administration of Parenteral Medications

Unit IX: Oxygenation
23 Oxygen Therapy
24 Performing Chest Physiotherapy
25 Airway Management
26 Cardiac Care (NEW CHAPTER)
27 Closed Chest Drainage Systems
28 Emergency Measures for Life Support

Unit X: Fluid Balance
29 Intravenous and Vascular Access Therapy
30 Blood Therapy

Unit XI:  Nutrition
31 Oral Nutrition
32 Enteral Nutrition
33 Parenteral Nutrition

Unit XII: Elimination
34 Urinary Elimination
35 Bowel Elimination and Gastric Intubation
36 Ostomy Care

Unit XIII: Care of the Surgical Patient
37 Preoperative and Postoperative Care
38 Intraoperative Care

Unit XIV: Dressings and Wound Care
39 Impaired Skin Integrity Prevention and Care
40 Wound Care and Irrigations
41 Dressings, Bandages, and Binders
42 Warm and Cold Therapy

Unit XV: Home Care
43 Home Care Safety
44 Home Care Teaching

出版日期 26-01-2017
Pages 1182
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