Community Pharmacy , 5th Edition

By Paul Rutter, FFRPS MRPharmS PhD

Completely revised and updated throughout, this new edition of the best-selling title in community pharmacy continues to provide an essential reference for all non-medical prescribers but especially for undergraduate and pre-registration pharmacy trainees.



  • Extended information on conditions to eliminate
  • New products covered
  • Clearly structured by basic anatomy, history-taking and body system
  • Fully illustrated throughout
  • Boxes throughout: trigger points indicative of referral; hints and tips
  • Tables throughout: differential diagnosis (key questions for each condition); evidence-based OTC medication; practical prescribing; product selection
  • Self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter, with answer explanations
  • Expanded case studies at the end of each chapter


An enhanced ebook, with BONUS materials including:

● more self-assessment questions

● additional written case studies

● videos on physical examination

● a chapter covering evidence-based medicine

ISBN 9780702080203
作者資訊 By Paul Rutter, FFRPS MRPharmS PhD, Professor of Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Portsmouth, UK

'A must have book, essential for pre-registration pharmacists, MPharm students and pharmacists. Has clear pictures to help recognise illnesses patients may represent with in the community, with referral criteria set out clearly (and differential diagnoses), as well as information about treatment options. Another beauty is that it summarises treatment options for each diagnosis, whether it can be used in children etc, likely side effects, notable drug interactions, which patient groups it is cautioned in and whether suitable in pregnancy/breastfeeding. Excellent summaries, referenced and also includes brand names of products to recommend!'

'Great book for pharmacists in community pharmacy! Pictures of skin diseases are very useful as well. It is a must for pre-reg students or even pharmacy students as OTC modules are covered in the MPharm course too.'

'Essential for any student on the MPharm programme and pre-reg pharmacists. Covers most conditions commonly encountered in community pharmacy and also differential diagnosis.'

'Lots of photos, nice colours to emphasise different topics, easy written and user-friendly book.'

'Everyone (who works in a community pharmacy setting) could benefit from having this book in their lives!'

'Good quality and definitely helpful for third year pharmacy students! helps with exam revison as at the end of every section there are activities to complete.'

'I'm a pre-reg pharmacist and this book is amazing for covering all OTC meds and really explains how to diagnoses conditions. Would highly recommend.'

Table of Content

Ch 1 - Making a diagnosis

Ch 2 - Respiratory system

Ch 3 - Ophthalmology

Ch 4 - Ear conditions

Ch 5 - Central nervous system

Ch 6 - Women's health

Ch 7 - Gastroenterology

Ch 8 - Dermatology

Ch 9 - Musculoskeletal conditions

Ch 10 - Paediatrics

Ch 11 - Specific product requests


Glossary of terms

出版日期 30-07-2020
Pages 398
Trim 246 X 189 (7 11/16 x 9 7/16)
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