Complications of Urologic Surgery , 4th Edition

By Samir S. Taneja, MD
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Complications of Urologic Surgery: Prevention and Management, 4th Edition, by Samir S. Taneja, MD, is a urology resource that presents current management strategies-with an emphasis on prevention-for the most effective patient care. Recognized leaders in the field address both office-based complications as well as common and uncommon surgical complications arising from open and minimally invasive urologic surgery, to equip you to handle a wide range of situations. Best of all, this resource includes a companion website featuring the complete text of the book for convenient reference and review.


· Emphasizes prevention over quick fixes for more effective handling of urologic complications and better patient outcomes.

· Covers both acute and long-term care of patients with urologic complications to equip you to manage more cases.

· Features the work of recognized leaders in urology for guidance you can trust.

ISBN 9781416045724
作者資訊 By Samir S. Taneja, MD, Associate Professor and Director, Urologic Oncology, Department of Urology, New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY
出版日期 20-10-2009
Pages 672
Trim 8.5 x 11
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