Core Curriculum for Pain Management Nursing , 3rd Edition

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Learn how to successfully work with patients in pain with The Core Curriculum for Pain Management Nursing, 3rd Edition. Written by the American Society for Pain Management Nursing (the primary nursing organization in pain management), this easy-to-read text covers the entire scope of pain management in a very user-friendly outline format. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest standards and scope of practice put forth by the ASPMN. Yet, it still retains its strong nursing focus as it explores the nurse's role as a patient advocate in pain management and how that role changes from a Registered Nurse to a Clinical Nurse Specialist to a Nurse Practitioner. Both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic methods of pain management are discussed, as is a wide variety of patient subsets beyond the traditional pediatric, adult, and geriatric patient. If you're looking to pass the ASPMN credentialing exam and work successfully with all types of patients in pain, then this is the perfect text for you!

  • Content written by the ASPMN (American Society for Pain Management Nursing), the primary nursing organization in pain management, ensures the material is authoritative and timely.
  • UNIQUE! Expansive patient coverage addresses not only adults, pediatric and geriatric patients, but also key subsets of patients - such as those who have concomitant addiction, those who have cancer, those who are under sedation for a procedure, and more.
  • Comprehensive coverage discusses important topics - such as the disparities in pain management, gender differences in pain and analgesia, the effect of depression on pain perception and management, the use of research, various theories of pain management, and more - to fully prepare you for your ASPMN credentialing exam and professional practice.
  • UNIQUE! Strong nursing focus thoroughly explores the nurse's role as a patient advocate in pain management and how that role changes from a Registered Nurse to a Clinical Nurse Specialist to a Nurse Practitioner.
  • Unique outline format makes the text an accessible and easy-to-read reference.
ISBN 9780323461986
作者資訊 By ASPMN, (American Society of Pain Management Nurses)
Table of Content

Section 1:  Foundation of Pain Management Nursing 
1. Foundations of Pain Management Nursing
2. Historical and Cultural Influences on Pain Perceptions, Barriers to Treatment and Disparities in Pain Care
3. Social, Political, and Ethical Forces Influencing Pain Management
4. Epidemiology of Pain
5. Opportunities and Complexities in the Future of Pain Management

Section 2: Clinical Practice of Pain Management Nursing
6. Key Terms and Definitions for Pain Management Nursing
7. Theories of Pain
8. The Impact of Pain and Benefits of Pain Management
9. Physiology of Pain
10. Overview of Pain Management Pharmacology
11. Sex and Gender Differences within Pain Management
12. Pain Assessment
13. Acute Pain Management
14. Persistent Pain Management
15. Cancer Pain Management
16. Pediatric Pain Management
17. Gerontology Pain Management
18. Pain Management and Palliative Care
19. Depression, Anxiety and Pain
20. Substance Use Disorder and Pain
21. Complementary and Integrative Therapies for Pain Management
22. Procedural Sedation and Analgesia

Section 3: Nursing Roles Involved in Pain Management
23. Research Utilization and Application in Pain Management
24. Making Change in the World of Pain Management
25. Implementing and Evaluating Pain Management Safety and Quality
26. Pain Management Education
27. The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in Pain Management

出版日期 28-08-2017
Pages 638
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