Critical Heart Disease in Infants and Children , 3rd Edition

By Ross M. Ungerleider, MD, Kristen Nelson, David S Cooper, Jon Meliones and Jeffrey Jacobs
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Now in brilliant full color and reflecting recent significant changes in the field, Critical Heart Disease in Infants and Children, 3rd Edition, keeps you abreast of the skills and knowledge required to safely care for children with congenital and acquired heart disease in the ICU. Pediatric intensivists, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and anesthesiologists from leading centers around the world provide a well-rounded perspective on basic scientific principles, medical and pharmacologic treatments, surgical techniques, and equipment.

  • Employs well-documented tables, text boxes, and algorithms to make clinical information easy to access.
  • Features chapters each written and reviewed by intensivists, surgeons, and cardiologists.
  • Integrates the authors' extensive experiences with state-of-the-art knowledge from the literature. 
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    ISBN 9781455707607
    作者資訊 By Ross M. Ungerleider, MD, Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Driscoll Children's Hospital, Children's Heart Program, Corpus Christi, TX; Kristen Nelson; David S Cooper; Jon Meliones and Jeffrey Jacobs
    Table of Content 1. The Segmental Approach to Congenital Heart Disease

    2. Cardiovascular Physiology and Shock

    3. Regulation of Pulmonary Vascular Resistance and Blood Flow

    4. Renal Function and Heart Disease

    5. Splanchnic Function and Heart Disease

    6. Cerebral Function and Heart Disease

    7. Pharmacology of Cardiovascular Drugs

    8. Pediatric Arrhythmias

    9. Pericardial Effusion and Tamponade

    10. Anesthesia for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

    11. Applied Respiratory Physiology

    12. Respiratory Support

    13. Cardiac Arrest and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

    14. Coagulation Disorders in Congenital Heart Disease

    15. Nutrition

    16. Transplantation

    17. Noninvasive Diagnosis of Heart Disease

    18. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization

    19. Perioperative Monitoring

    20. Cardiopulmonary Bypass

    21. Mechanical Circulatory Support in Infants and Children

    22. Nursing Care

    23. Perioperative Management of Patients with Congenital Heart Disease

    24. ASD/VSD

    25. Atrioventricular Septal Defects

    26. Aortic Valve Disease

    27. CoA and IAA

    28. Mitral Valve Disease

    29. AP Window/PDA

    30. ACLA

    31. Persistent Truncus Arteriosus

    32. Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return

    33. Transposition of the Great Arteries and the Arterial Switch Operation

    34. DORV/DOLV

    35. TOF with PAT and VSD

    36. Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum (PA/IVS)

    37. Ebstein's Anomaly

    38. Single Ventricle

    39. Tricuspid Atresia and the Fontan Operation

    40. HLHS

    41. Staged Operative Management of the SV

    42. Critical Appraisal and Use of Evidence about Therapy

    43. Cor Pulmonale

    44. Inflammatory Heart Disease

    45. Infective Endocarditis

    46. Syndromes and Congenital Heart Defects

    47. Heritable Disease

    48. Cardiomyopathy
    出版日期 29-11-2018
    Pages 936
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