Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment , 7th Edition

By Rosalinda Alfaro-LeFevre, RN, MSN, ANEF
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Develop the critical thinking and reasoning skills you need to make sound clinical judgments! Alfaro-LeFevre's Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment: A Practical Approach, 7th Edition brings these concepts to life through engaging text, diverse learning activities, and real-life examples. Easy-to-understand language and a "how-to" approach equip you to become a sensible, resilient critical thinker with the clinical reasoning skills you need to think think through complex issues and make sound clinical decisions. This edition emphasizes readiness for clinical practice and the Next Generation NCLEX exam, with a focus on systems thinking, interprofessional practice, nursing skills for the 21st century, and Quality and Safety for Nursing Education (QSEN) competencies.

  • Uses a clear, straightforward approach and motivational writing style including vivid examples, memorable anecdotes, and real-life case scenarios to make content come alive.
  • Practical strategies to promote critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment are incorporated along with supporting evidence as to why the strategies work.
  • Focus on application (or "how to") and inclusion of supporting rationales (theory) make difficult concepts easy to learn.
  • Critical Thinking Indicators feature evidence-based descriptions from the author of behaviors that promote critical thinking in nursing practice.
  • Highlighted features and sections that promote deep learning include This Chapter at a Glance, Learning Outcomes, Key Concepts, Guiding Principle boxes, Critical Moments boxes, Other Perspectives features, Think-Pair-Share activities, H.M.O (Help Me Out) cartoons, real-life clinical scenarios, Key Points, Critical Thinking Exercises, and more!
  • Discussion of Tanner's and Benner's most recent work on what the research says about critical thinking and clinical judgment in nursing provides a current evidence-base for critical thinking strategies.
  • Cultural, spiritual, and lifespan content features the nurse's role in hospitals, communities, and long-term care settings, presenting a broad approach to critical thinking.
  • Inclusion of ethics- and standards-based professional practice reflects today's professional climate, which demands increasing accountability.
  • Incorporates timely coverage of the latest in nursing education and critical thought including concept-based learning, QSEN and IOM standards, problem-focused versus outcome-focused thinking, prioritization and delegation, developing a culture of safety, healthy work environments, expanding roles related to diagnosis and management, improving grades and passing tests the first time, NCLEX preparation, ensuring that documentation reflects critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, strategies for common workplace challenges, and more.
ISBN 9780323581257
作者資訊 By Rosalinda Alfaro-LeFevre, RN, MSN, ANEF, President, Teaching Smart/Learning Easy, Stuart, FL
Table of Content

1. What are Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment?
2. Becoming a Critical Thinker
3. Critical Thinking and Learning Cultures: Teaching, Learning, and Taking Tests
4. Interprofessional Clinical Reasoning, Decision Making, and Judgment
5. Ethical Reasoning, Professionalism, Evidence-Based Practice, and Quality Improvement
6. Practicing Clinical Reasoning, Clinical Judgment, and Decision-making Skills
7. Interprofessional Practice Skills: Communication, Teamwork, and Self-Management NEW interprofessional collaboration focus!


Appendix A. Concept Mapping
Appendix B. Nursing Process Summary
Appendix C. Examples of CTIs within 4-Circle Model (New)
Appendix D. Patient's Rights and Nurses' Rights
Appendix E. DEAD ON Game
Appendix F. Key Brain Parts Involved in Thinking
Appendix G. Example SBAR Tool
Appendix H. Results of Two Studies Describing Critical Thinking Skills
Appendix I. Example Responses for Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning Exercises



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