Easy Interpretation of Biostatistics

By Gail F. Dawson, MD, MS, FAAEP
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Learn biostatistics the easy way. This outstanding resource presents the key concepts you need to understand biostatistics and how to apply them in clinical medicine. Easy-to-understand examples and analogies explain complex concepts, and practical applications provide you with real tools for use in daily practice. The book's organization is intuitive, so that concepts build upon one another, maximizing understanding. This book will give you the confidence to appraise the existing literature - and the vocabulary you need to discuss it.

  • Uses an easy-to-understand presentation and writing style to make the material easily accessible.
  • Places its emphasis on concepts, not formulas, for more clinical-based guidance.
  • Focuses on practical applications of biostatistics to medical practice to give you a better understanding of how and why research is conducted.
  • Presents concise but comprehensive coverage to create easily accessible yet complete information.
  • Provides examples, analogies, and memorization tips to make the material easier to absorb.
ISBN 9781416031420
作者資訊 By Gail F. Dawson, MD, MS, FAAEP
Table of Content PART I Learning the Basics

Introduction to Part I

1. Measures of Disease

2. Mathematical Principles

3. Populations

4. Samples

5. Invariably Variables

6. Outcomes

7. Probability

8. Distributions

9. The Normal Distribution

PART II Understanding Inference

Introduction to Part II

10. Hypothesis Testing

11. The Probability Connection

12. Types of Statistical Tests

13. Properties of Confidence Intervals

14. Power

15. Bias

16. Ethics in Medical Research

17. Types of Research Studies

18. Evaluating the Evidence

PART III Common Applications

Introduction to Part III

19. Measures of Effect

20. Economic Analysis

21. Assessment of Tests



A Flowchart of Types of Statistical Tests

B Simplified Flowchart of Types of Statistical Tests

C Values of Normal Distribution

出版日期 07-05-2008
Pages 208
Trim 229 x 152 (6 x 9)
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