Felson's Principles of Chest Roentgenology, A Programmed Text , 5th Edition

By Lawrence R. Goodman, MD, FAAC
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Easy to read, engaging, and highly interactive, Felson's Principles of Chest Roentgenology: A Programmed Text, 5th Edition, has long been the go-to learning resource for medical students, residents, radiologists, and others who order and interpret chest x-rays. It offers a clear, self-directed tutorial on all aspects of chest imaging, including pathologies and anatomic challenges. You'll find essential, accessible explanations of basic science, image reading and interpretation, and key terminology, along with hundreds of high-quality radiographs and interactive quizzes that have made this best-selling title the must-have primer of chest radiology.

ISBN 9780323625678
作者資訊 By Lawrence R. Goodman, MD, FAAC, Professor, Diagnostic Radiology and Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care, Director, Cardiothoracic Imaging, Medical College of Wisconsin / Froedtert Memorial Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Table of Content Felson's Ten Axioms for a Lifetime of Learning in Medicine
 1. The Radiographic Examination: The Basics
 2. Cross-Sectional Imaging Techniques
 3. The Normal Chest X-Ray: Reading Like the Pros
 4. Chest CT: Putting It All Together
 5. Lobar Anatomy
 6. The Silhouette Sign
 7. The Air Bronchogram Sign
 8. Signs of Lung and Lobar Collapse 
 9.  Patterns of Lung Disease
 10. Understanding the Mediastinum
 11. The Pleural and Extrapleural Spaces
 12. Cardiovascular Disease 
Quiz: Ten Great Cases 
Bonus content available online at https://expertconsult.inkling.com*
 Supplement 1: Segmental Anatomy
 Supplement 2: Interstitial Lung Disease: A Picture Book
 Supplement 3: Thoracic Imaging: The Fleischner Society Glossary of Terms
 Supplement 4: "The Beatles, the Nobel Prize, and CT Scanning of the Chest”
 (From Radiol Clin N Am)
 Bonus Quiz 1: Unknown Cases: Twelve More Great Cases
 Bonus Quiz 2: Unknown Cases: On Your Own
Bonus Quiz 3: Unknown Cases: The Ultimate Challenge-- For Radiology Residents and Hard Chargers
出版日期 03-02-2020
Pages 274
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