Female Urology , 3rd Edition

By Shlomo Raz, MD and Larissa V. Rodriguez, MD
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Completely reorganized and updated, the 3rd Edition of this best-selling reference presents comprehensive coverage of all aspects of female urology, making it easy to implement today's best approaches for every patient, both surgical and non-surgical. A bonus DVD includes video clips of surgical procedures to further enhance your surgical repertoire.

  • Offers step-by-step, highly illustrated guidance on diagnosing and managing the full range of female urologic problems you encounter in practice.
ISBN 9781416023395
作者資訊 By Shlomo Raz, MD, Professor of Urology, Head of Reconstructive and Female Urology, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA; and Larissa V. Rodriguez, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Urology, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Clearly much thought has gone into its organization and compartmentalization, allowing this rather comprehensive book to be easily read and regularly consulted. The book also features a range of authors who have contributed to this dynamic field. The reader is ensured multiple perspectives and the wisdom of true authorities...All urologists reading this book should come away with a more extensive knowledge base regarding matters of female urology. - The Journal of Urology
Table of Content Section 1: Basic Concepts

Chapter 1: Developmental Anatomy and Urogenital Abnormalities-D. Bloom/J. Latini/K. Kieran

Chapter 2: Structural Basis of Voiding Function-Previous Edition (El-Badawi)

Chapter 3: Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology: Innervation of the Lower Urinary Tract-W. de Groat

Chapter 4: Pharmacologic Basis of Bladder and Urethral Function and Dysfunction-K. Andersson

Chapter 5: Hormonal Influences on the Female Genital and Lower Urinary Tract-D. Robinson/L. Cardozo

Chapter 6: Social Impact of Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction-I. Addis

Section 2: Evaluation and Diagnosis

Chapter 7: Clinical Evaluation of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction-J. Blaivas/J. Sandhu

Chapter 8: Imaging of the Female Genito-Urinary Tract-S. Raman/L. Boyadzhyan

Chapter 9: Ultrasound Evaluation of Lower Genitourinary Tract-H. Dietz

Chapter 10: Electrophysiological Evaluation of the Pelvic Floor-C. Fowler/S. Podnar

Chapter 11: Urodynamic Evaluation-H. Lai/C. Smith/T. Boone

Chapter 12: The Measurement of Urinary Symptoms, Health Related Quality of Life and Outcomes of Treatment for Urinary Incontinence-L. Sirls

Section 3: Pathophysiology of Voiding Dysfunction

Chapter 13: Classification of Voiding Dysfunction-A. Wein/L. Moy

Chapter 14: Voiding Dysfunction and Neurological Disorders-G. Lemack

Chapter 15: Effect of Pelvic Surgery on Voiding Dysfunction-A. Gousse/H. Tunuguntla

Chapter 16: Idiopathic Urinary Retention in the Female-N. Rosenblum/P. Padmanabhan

Section 4: Overactive Bladder

Chapter 17: Clinical Diagnosis of Overactive Bladder-S. Al-Hayek/P. Abrams

Chapter 18: Pathophysiology of Overactive Bladder-W. Steers/A. Klausner

Chapter 19: Behavior Modification and Conservative Management of OAB-A. Bourcier

Chapter 20: Pharmacological Management of Overactive Bladder-A. Wein/L. Moy

Chapter 21: Pharmacologic Neuromodulation (Botox, RTX, Capsacin)-R. Rackley/P. Shenot

Chapter 22: Sacral Neuromodulation (Interstim) for the Treatment of OAB-S. Siegel/S. Moeller

Chapter 23: Tibial Nerve Stimulation-M. Stoller/M. Cooperberg

Chapter 24: Pudendal Nerve Stimulation-K. Peters/R. Bennett

Chapter 25: Detrusor Myomectomy-E. McGuire/L. Ng

Chapter 26: Bladder Augmentation-E. McGuire/L. Ng

Section 5: Stress Incontinence

Chapter 27: Pathophysiology of Stress Incontinence-C. Chapple/F. Manassero

Chapter 28: Conservative Management of SUI/Pelvic Floor Rehab in the Management of SUI-A. Bourcier

Chapter 29: Selecting the Best Surgical Option for the Treatment of SUI-M. Albo

Chapter 30: Evaluation, Quality of Life and Outcomes of Prolapse Surgery-L. Stothers

Chapter 31: Urethral Injectables in the Management of SUI-J. Corcos/E. Elzayat

Chapter 32: Current Role of Needle Suspensions-P. Zimmern/J. Gilleran/E. Takacs

Chapter 33: Vaginal Wall Sling-R. Appell

Chapter 34: Free Vaginal Wall Sling-D. Pushkar

Chapter 35: Transabdominal Colposuspension for the Treatment of Stress Incontinence-E. Tanagho

Chapter 36: Pubovaginal Sling (Autologous)-E. McGuire/L. Ng

Chapter 37: The Use of Cadaveric Fascia for Pubovaginal Sling-G. Webster/N. Sherman

Chapter 38: Fascia Lata Sling-K. Kreder/N. Dwyer

Chapter 39: Mid to Distal Urethral Slings-TVT-C. Klutke/J. Klutke

Chapter 40: IVS-P. Petros

Chapter 41: DUPS-N. Zabihi/G. Maher/L. Rodriguez

Chapter 42: SPARC-D. Staskin/R. Tyagi

Chapter 43: Pubo-Vaginal Tape-S. Vasavada/R. Rackley

Chapter 44: Obturator Sling-C. Klutke/J. Klutke

Chapter 45: Cadaveric Fascia Using Bone Anchors-G. Leach/S. Rueff

Chapter 46: Radiofrequency of Endopelvic Fascia-R. Dmochowski/E. Cole

Chapter 47: Spiral Sling-A. Mourtzinos/M. Maher/S. Raz/L. Rodriguez

Chapter 48: OAB and Stress Incontinence-E. McGuire/K. Smith

Chapter 49: Complications After Anti-Incontinence Surgery-V. Nitti/C. Huckabay

Section 6: Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction

Chapter 50: Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction-I. Goldstein

Section 7: Female Organ Prolapse

Chapter 51: Epidemiology of Pelvic Organ Prolapse-F. Daneshgari/C. Moore

Chapter 52: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Pelvic Floor Injury-A. Groutz

Chapter 53: Anatomy and Pathophysiology of Pelvic Organ Prolapse-J. DeLancey/Y. Hsu

Chapter 54: Clinical Diagnosis and Presentation-M. Walters/C. Grace

Chapter 55: Imaging in the Diagnosis of Pelvic Organ Prolapse-S. Raman/L. Boyadzhyan

Chapter 56: Dynamic MRI in the Diagnosis of Pelvic Organ Prolapse-C. Comiter/J. Funk

Chapter 57: Urodynamics Evaluation of the Prolapse-S. Herschorn

Chapter 58: Nonsurgical Treatment of Vaginal Prolapse: Devices for Prolapse and Incontinence-P. Norton

a) Nonsurgical Treatment of Vaginal Prolapse
b) Nonsurgical Treatment of Urinary Incontinence: Devices

Chapter 59: The Use of Synthetics and Biomaterials in Vaginal Prolapse-F. Govier/K. Kobashi/K. Hsiao

Part A) Anterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse

Chapter 60: Managing the Urethra in Vaginal Prolapse-N. Itano/C. Dimarco

Chapter 61: Cadaveric Fascial Repair of Cystocele-G. Leach/S. Rueff

Chapter 62: Transabdominal Paravaginal Cystocele Repair-A. Bent/M. Germain/D. Akingba

Chapter 63: Anterior Colporaphy for Cystocele Repair (Kelly)-T. Muir

Chapter 64: Transvaginal Paravaginal Repair of Grade IV Cysocele-S. Raz

Chapter 65: Cystocele Repair Using Biological Material (Pelvicol)-G. Webster/N. Sherman

Chapter 66: Tension Free Cystocele Repair Using Prolene Mesh-M. Cervigni/F. Natale

Part B) Enterocele and Uterine Prolapse

Chapter 67: Sacrospinous Ligament Suspension for Vaginal Vault Prolapse-S. Botros/R. Goldberg/P. Sand

Chapter 68: Repair of Vaginal Vault Prolapse Using Soft Prolene Mesh-M. Rutman/D. Deng/L. Rodriguez/S. Raz

Chapter 69: Use of IVS Device for Vaginal Vault Prolapse-P. Petros

Chapter 70: Transvaginal Sacro-colpopexy for Vaginal Vault Prolapse-G. Webster/R. Foster

Chapter 71: Vaginal Hysterectomy for Prolapse/Benign Disease-M. Karram/C. Rooney

Chapter 72: Laparoscopic Sacral Colpopexy-M. Paraiso

Chapter 73: Transabdominal Sacral Colpopexy-M. Paraiso/C. Chen

Part C) Posterior Vaginal Wall

Chapter 74: Posterior Vaginal Wall Repair and Segmental Defect Repair-T. Muir

Chapter 75: Posterior Repair Using Cadaveric Fascia-G. Leach/S. Rueff

Chapter 76: Perineocele-N. Rosenblum/C. Twiss

Chapter 77: Complications of Vaginal Prolapse Surgery-R. Foster/ C. Amundsen/G. Webster

· Pain
· Recurrance
· Bleeding
· Dyspareunia
· Vaginal Shortening
· Ureteral Obstruction and Fistula
· Erosion of Materials

Section 8: Defecatory Function and Dysfunction

Chapter 78: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Defecatory Dysfunction-T. Hull/M. Zutshi

Section 9: Fistula and Diverticula

Chapter 79: Urethrovaginal Fistula-P. Zimmern/J. Gilleran

Chapter 80: Reconstruction of the Absent or Damaged Urethra-J. Sandhu/J. Blaivas

Chapter 81: Vaginal Approach for the Treatment of Vesicovaginal Fistula-M. Ruttman/D.Deng/L. Rodriguez/S. Raz

Chapter 82: Abdominal Approach for the Treatment of Vesicovaginal Fistula-W. Artibani/M. Mancini

Chapter 83: Recto-Vaginal Fistula-M. Rutman/D. Deng/L. Rodriguez/S. Raz

Chapter 84: Uretero-Vaginal Fistula-D. Ginsberg

Chapter 85: Urethral Diverticula-E. Rovner

Section 10: Pelvic Pan and Inflammatory Conditions

Chapter 86: Urinary Tract Infections in Women-A. Macejko/A. Schaeffer

Chapter 87: Vulvar and Vaginal Disorders: Chronic Pain and Abnormal Discharge-A. Rapkin/M. Lee

Chapter 88: Benign Cystic Lesions of the Vagina and Vulva-K. Eilber

Chapter 89: Pathophysiology of Pelvic Pain-U. Wesselmann

Chapter 90: Neuroendocrine Role in Chronic Pelvic Pain-T. Buffington

Chapter 91: Role of Myofascial Release in Pelvic Pain-R. Anderson

Chapter 92: Interstitial Cystitis (& Pelvic Dysfunction)-C. Payne

Section 11: Geriatric Urology

Chapter 93: Epidemiology of Incontinence and Voiding Dysfunction in the Elderly-A. Diokno/V. Petero

Chapter 94: Normal Lower Urinary Tract Function in the Elderly-J. Ouslander/T. Johnson

Chapter 95: Urodynamic Evaluation in the Elderly-P. O'Donnell

Section 12: Reconstruction

Chapter 96: Use of Bowel in Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction in the Female-J. Thuroff/C. Wiesner

Chapter 97: Surgical Closure of the Bladder Neck in the Treatment of Urinary Incontinence-R. Cespedes

Chapter 98: Tissue Engineering for Reconstruction of the Urinary Tract and Treatment of SUI-A. Atala/D. Eberli

Chapter 99: Vaginoplasty - Construction of Neovagina-M. Lesavoy/E. Carter
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