Fundamentals of Emergency Ultrasound

By John P. McGahan, MD, Michael A Schick, DO, MD and Lisa Mills, MD
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Written by a multidisciplinary group of contributors, including radiologists, emergency physicians, critical care specialists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons, Fundamentals of Emergency Ultrasound is a first-of-its-kind reference that clearly explains the many technical nuances and diagnostic skills necessary for optimal use of ultrasound in emergency settings. This concise, easy-to-read resource covers both non-invasive and invasive ultrasound-guided procedures for a wide range of adult and pediatric trauma and non-trauma conditions. A practical emphasis on differential diagnosis helps facilitate rapid diagnosis, triage, and disposition decisions in emergency situations where ultrasound can be used.

ISBN 9780323596428
作者資訊 By John P. McGahan, MD, Department of Radiology, University of California Davis Health System, Sacramento, California ; Michael A Schick, DO, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Director of Technology Enhanced Active Learning, UC Davis Health Systems, Sacramento, California and Lisa Mills, MD, Director of Ultrasound Imaging and Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, UC Davis Health Systems, Sacramento, California
Table of Content 1. Physics, Machine and Technique
2. Artifacts
3. Peritonsillar Abscess
4. Neck Masses
5. Ocular
6. Carotid Artery
7. Cranial
8. Lungs
9. Transthoracic Echocardiography
10. Pediatric Transthoracic Echocardiography
11. Transesophageal Echocardiography
12. Approach to the Patient with Shortness of Breath
13. Approach to the Patient with Chest Pain
14. Ultrasound-Guided Resuscitation
15. FAST of the Abdomen - Beyond Basics: False Positives, Limitations, and Approach to the Unstable Patient
16. Liver and Spleen
17. Gallbladder and Biliary
18. Pancreas
19. Kidney and Renal Transplant
20. Abdominal Aorta
21. Lower Abdomen and Bowel
22. Male Pelvis
23. Female Pelvis, Nonpregnant
24. Female Pelvis, Pregnant - First Trimester
25. Female Pelvis, Pregnant - Second/Third Trimester
26. Peripheral Veins and Arteries
27. Soft Tissue
28. Musculoskeletal
29. Ultrasound-Guided Procedures
30. Venous Access
31. Nerve Blocks
出版日期 16-12-2019
Pages 386
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