Intellectual Disability and Social Inclusion

Edited by Martin Richard Bollard, BSc(Hons), MA, PGDip Ed, RNLD
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This book provides a unique insight into the challenges faced by people with learning disabilities trying to access mainstream health and social services and by the professionals who are trying to provide them. The combination of professional perspectives and viewpoints of people with learning disabilities themselves creates an authoritative explanation of why this group of people face the barriers they do. The contributors critique these barriers and also offer potential solutions to overcoming them.

* Personal reflections written by people with learning disablities on their experiences of accessing health and social care services
* Comprehensive coverage of policy in the four UK countries
* Comprehensive analysis by subject experts of practice in a range of areas, from acute health care through mental health to leisure and housing provision
* Accessible summaries at the end of each chapter including text for people with learning disablities
ISBN 9780443104183
作者資訊 Edited by Martin Richard Bollard, BSc(Hons), MA, PGDip Ed, RNLD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social and Community Studies, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

"This book is a very interesting collection of essays that will help any rehabilitation professional who wishes to consider the needs of patients with intellectual disability... I recommend it to libraries, the NHS, schools and universities, social services, and housing, research and charitable organizations. I also recommend it too to rehabilitation professionals, who will undoubtedly come across people with intellectual disabilities."


"This is a ground breaking book that moves the argument forward and is essential reading for those who wish to enable people with intellectual disability to take their rightful place in society." Nurse Education in Practice, October 2009

Table of Content Chapter 1 One story
Helena Frewin

Chapter 2 A review and critique
Martin Bollard

Chapter 3 The legacy of 'Valuing People' in England
John Turnbull

Chapter 4 Policy in Scotland: implementing the 'Same as You'
Michael Brown

Chapter 5
Will 'Equal Lives' be achieved in Northern Ireland?
Owen Barr

Chapter 6 Intellectual disability with mental health problems
Dave Ferguson

Chapter 7 Let's be patient: hospital admissions
Rick Robson and Ricky Owens.

Chapter 8 Primary Care and intellectual disability
Susan Brady and Martin Bollard

Chapter 9 Looks like leisure?
Nick Fripp and Steve Day

Chapter 10
Getting into employment
Sarah Maguire

Chapter 11 Accessing further education
Jackie Martin

Chapter 12 Equal rights to housing
Steven Rose

Chapter 13 Ethnicity and intellectual disability
Raghu Ragahvan

Chapter 14 Service Users' involvement in higher education
John Lahiff

Chapter 15 Communication
Louise Talbott and Jane Parr
出版日期 13-03-2009
Pages 240
Trim 234 x 156 (6 1/8 x 9 1/4)
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