Introduction to Intravenous Therapy for Health Professionals

By Eugenia M. Fulcher, BSN, MEd, EdD, RN, CMA (AAMA) and Margaret Schell Frazier, RN, CMA, BS
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Designed for existing courses within the MA curricula, this text provides initial preparation for the principles and techniques of intravenous therapy. Students will learn the basic knowledge necessary to safely and precisely administer basic IV fluids and medications within the scope of practice for their particular health care profession.

  • Each chapter is organized with chapter outlines, learning objectives, key words with definitions, and chapter summaries.
  • Includes a basic review of anatomy and physiology to provide a fundamental understanding of how IV therapy can interact with each body system.
  • A variety of exercises (such as IV calculations or patient teaching) are integrated within each chapter to reinforce the learning of often-difficult concepts.
  • Includes an array of worksheets on the companion Evolve website (such as drugs, charting, or drug and dosage calculations) to provide practice tools for the student.
  • Each chapter concludes with multiple-choice review questions to test students' knowledge of the content within that chapter.
  • Provides a Competency Check Sheet with standards for performance and to meet competency-based education requirements.
ISBN 9781416033998
作者資訊 By Eugenia M. Fulcher, BSN, MEd, EdD, RN, CMA (AAMA), Allied Health Instructor, Waynesboro, GA and Margaret Schell Frazier, RN, CMA, BS, Formerly-Department Chair, Health and Human Services Division, Program Chair, Medical Assisting Program, Ivy Tech State College, Fort Wayne, IN
Table of Content 1. Introduction to Intravenous Therapy

2. Review of Anatomy and Physiology

3. Review of Medical Asepsis

4. Basic Equipment and Supplies for IV Therapy

5. Review of Dosage Calculations

6. Foundations of IV Therapy

7. Pharmacology Related to IV Therapy

8. Starting an Intravenous Infusion

Appendix A: Intravenous Therapy Regulations for Medical Assistants and Technicians

Appendix B: Intravenous Therapy Drug Incompatibilities
出版日期 29-01-2007
Pages 164
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  1. Pharmacology
    Eugenia M. Fulcher
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