Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography , 6th Edition

By John Pellerito, MD and Joseph F Polak, MD, MPH
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Now in its 6th edition, Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography, by Drs. John Pellerito and Joseph Polak, provides an easily accessible, concise overview of arterial and venous ultrasound. A new co-editor and new contributors have updated this classic with cutting-edge diagnostic procedures as well as new chapters on evaluating organ transplants, screening for vascular disease, correlative imaging, and more. High-quality images, videos, and online access make this an ideal introduction to this complex and rapidly evolving technique.

  • Find information quickly with sections organized by clinical rationale, anatomy, examination technique, findings, and interpretation.
  • Get a thorough review of ultrasound vascular diagnosis, including peripheral veins and arteries, carotid and vertebral arteries, abdominal vessels, and transcranial Doppler. 
  • Quickly reference numerous tables for examination protocols, normal values, diagnostic parameters, and ultrasound findings for selected conditions.
  • Visualize important techniques with hundreds of lavish line drawings and clinical ultrasound examples.
ISBN 9781437714173
作者資訊 By John Pellerito, MD, North Shore University Hospital/NYU Medical Center, Manhasset, NY and Joseph F Polak, MD, MPH, Professor of Radiology, Tufts University School of Medicine, Vice Chair of Business Development, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts; Chief of Radiology, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

"This textbook constitutes an excellent investment for those wanting to acquire or to increase their knowledge of vascular ultrasonography." Journal of Clinical Imaging, review of last edition


"This book..has been a leading text in vascular ultrasound for many years and contains a wealth of information. Although the majority of the book focuses on ultrasound imaging, non-imaging techniques used in vascular assessment are also included... Each chapter is well illustrated with ultrasound images, some of which are new for this edition, including a small number of angiogrpahic images... This book should ideally be on the bookshelf of any department providing a vascular ultrasound service. It is also invaluable to any trainee in this field although due to its weight students will not carry it around with them. however this new edition provides password protected online access to an electronic version of the book which may help overcome this.

Radiology, Oct 2012


"Now in its sixth edition, this book is getting better and better with the introduction of vascular ultrasound evulation  of organ transplant, vascular screening and online text and video access...The book is very well written and the contribution by various authors who are expert in the field made this book an excellent source of knowledge for those who seek to learn  or update their vascular sonography techniques knowledge...I enjoyed reading this book and in my opinion it is the most comprehensive on the subject so far and should be on the shelf of every radiology department who provide vascular service. This book is aimed at all the vascular radiologists and sonographers who performs vascular  ultrasound or are in process of learning .Overall an excellent work and a must-read book on vascular ultrasonography."

RAD, December 2012


"This edition offers some new information. If asked by a new student or resident which book to purchase, I would definitely recommend the sixth edition."- Donna Blackburn, MS, RN, RVT (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) Doody Review!

Table of Content


    1. Hemodynamic considerations in peripheral vascular and cerebrovascular disease
    2. Physics and instrumentation in Doppler and B-mode ultrasonography
    3. Basic concepts of doppler frequency spectrum analysis and ultrasound blood flow imaging
    4. Vascular applications of ultrasound contrast agents

    6. The role of ultrasound in the management of cerebrovascular disease
    7. Normal cerbrovascular anatomy and collateral pathways
    8. Normal findings and technical aspects of carotid sonography
    9. Ultrasound assessment of carotid plaque
    10. Ultrasound assessment of carotid stenosis
    11. Carotid occlusion, unusual carotid pathology and tricky carotid cases
    12. Ultrasound assessment of the vertebral arteries
    13. Ultrasound assessment of the intracranial arteries

    15. Arterial anatomy of the extremities
    16. Nonimaging physiologic tests for assessment of lower extremity arterial disease
    17. Assessment of upper extremity arterial occlusive arterial disease
    18. Ultrasound evaluation before and after hemodialysis access
    19. Ultrasound assessment of lower extremity arteries
    20. Ultrasound assessment during and after carotid peripheral intervention
    21. Ultrasound in the assessment and management of arterial emergencies

    23. Risk factors and the role of ultrasound in the management of extremity venous disease
    24. Extremity venous anatomy and technique for ultrasound examination
    25. Ultrasound diagnosis of lower extremity venous thrombosis
    26. Controversies in venous ultrasound
    27. Ultrasound diagnosis of venous insufficiency
    28. Nonvascular pathology encountered during venous sonography

    30. Anatomy and normal doppler signatures of abdominal vessels
    31. Ultrasound assessment of the abdominal aorta
    32. Ultrasound imaging assessment following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair
    33. Ultrasound assessment of the splanchnic (mesenteric) arteries
    34. Ultrasound assessment of the hepatic vasculature
    35. Ultrasound assessment of native renal vessels
    36. Duplex ultrasound evaluation of the uterus and ovaries
    37. Duplex ultrasound evaluation of the male genitalia
    38. Evaluation of Organ Transplants
    39. Screening for Vascular Disease
    40. Correlative imaging
    41. Accreditation and the vascular lab
出版日期 17-05-2012
Pages 686
Trim 260 x 184 (7 1/4 x 10 1/4)
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