Joint Disease in the Horse , 2nd Edition

By C. Wayne McIlwraith, BVSc, PhD, DSc, FRCVS, Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ECVS, Diplomate ACVSMR, David D Frisbie, Christopher E Kawcak and René van Weeren, DVM PhD Dipl ECVS
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Dr. McIlwraith's Joint Disease in the Horse, 2nd Edition is the only book to give you a full account of equine joint disease, combining a thorough, up-to-date survey of scientific advances with a practical guide to both medical and surgical treatments. With contributions from nationally and internationally recognized pioneers in the field, this groundbreaking text offers an overview of joint structure and function and translates the latest information on basic joint pathobiology into practical application for the clinician. Step-by-step guidance on injection techniques and medications, along with a survey of practical arthroscopic surgery and developments, make it a truly indispensable reference for all equine veterinarians treating sports and racing horses.


  • Offers unprecedented, state-of-the-art coverage of the pathology, pathogenesis, and clinical diagnosis of traumatic and degenerative joint disease.
  • Describes the general principles of joint pathobiology providing the background to evaluate and interpret the diagnostic and surgical aspects of disease.
  • Explores treatments for traumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis and other joint entities, offering users a broad range of options and up-to-date recommendations for problematic decisions.
  • Discusses current research providing insight for difficult cases and delineates the directions in which future arthritis research is headed.
  • Includes over 325 photographs and line drawings.
  • Provides an overview of arthroscopic surgery for the acute injury, and the results, including fragment removal, fragment fixation and synovectomy.
    ISBN 9781455759699
    作者資訊 By C. Wayne McIlwraith, BVSc, PhD, DSc, FRCVS, Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ECVS, Diplomate ACVSMR, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Diplomate, European College of Veterinary Surgeons, Professor of Surgery, Director of Equine Sciences, Orthopedic Research Laboratory, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; David D Frisbie; Christopher E Kawcak and René van Weeren, DVM PhD Dipl ECVS, Professor, Equine Services, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht, Netherlands
    Table of Content

    Section I: General Principles of Joint Pathobiology
    1. General Anatomy and Physiology of Joints
    2. Biomechanics
    3. Traumatic Arthritis and Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis
    4. Pathologic Manifestations of Joint Disease
    5. Osteochondritis Dissecans
    6. Subchondral Cystic Lesions
    7. Infective (septic) Arthritis
    8. Effect of Loading/Exercise on Articular Tissues

    Section II: General Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment
    9. Principles of Diagnosis
    10. Synovial fluid and serum biomarkers

    Section III: Principles of Therapy of Traumatic Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
    11. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
    12. Intraarticular Corticosteroids
    13. Hyaluronan
    14. Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan (Adequan®)
    15. Potential Use of Pentosan Polysulfate for the Treatment of Equine Joint Disease
    16. Biological Therapies
    17. Stem Cells
    18. Rehabilitation
    19. Use of oral joint supplements in equine joint disease

    Section IV: Specifics of Anatomy, Clinical Diagnosis, Imaging Diagnosis and Treatment by Region
    20. Distal limb
    21. Fetlock
    22. Carpus
    23. Elbow and Shoulder
    24. Tarsus
    25. Stifle
    26. Hip

    Section V: New Frontiers
    27. Arthritis Research, Some Present and Future Direction in Joint Disease

    出版日期 23-09-2015
    Pages 408
    Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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