Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine , 10th Edition

Edited by Adam Feather, MBBS, FRCP, FAcadMEd, David Randall, MA, MRCP and Mona Waterhouse, MA, MRCP
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Now in its tenth edition, Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine is fully updated and revised under a new team of editors.
Featuring new chapters covering:
o Diagnosis: the art of being a doctor - helping readers to develop a confident clinical method in interactions with patients
o Elderly medicine, frailty and multimorbidity
o Public health
o Surgery
o Evidence-based medicine
o Sepsis and the treatment of bacterial infection 
o Haematological Oncology
o Venous thromboembolic disease
o Hypertension
o Men's health
Enhanced clinical skills content has been added to most chapters - helping readers tailor history-taking and examination skills to specific specialty-based contexts.
Bonus online content - including self-assessment, common clinical and international cases, cardiovascular and respiratory audio material, clinical examination videos and bite-sized topic pages covering major conditions.
Heavily revised throughout with smaller chapters to ease navigation, added introductions and system overviews included for most chapters.


Edited by Adam Feather, MBBS, FRCP, FAcadMEd; David Randall, MA, MRCP; and Mona Waterhouse, MA, MRCP. Contributors comprise consultants at the top of their fields, paired with younger doctors closer to the exam experience, to ensure authority and relevance. International Advisory Board, led by Professor Janaka de Silva and Professor Senaka Rajapakse, providing guidance for global coverage from across the world. Members of the International Advisory Board have contributed to the ebook with additional content to amplify areas of clinical importance in their parts of the world.Enhanced e-book accompanies the print book, for ease of transportation and use on the move.

ISBN 9780702078682
作者資訊 Edited by Adam Feather, MBBS, FRCP, FAcadMEd, Consultant Physician and Clinical Director, St Mary's Hospital, The Isle of Wight; David Randall, MA, MRCP and Mona Waterhouse, MA, MRCP
已刊登評論 From reviews of the previous edition: User reviews:  Amazon UK #1 best-seller
'Five stars', 'Brilliant book', 'Brilliant for medical students', 'One of the best books I ever bought', 'Very good', 'Super book', 'Essential'
'The ultimate medical textbook'
'Absolutely perfect! This book is amazing. I love it.'
'Concise, relevant and easy to use book. love it. Thank you, Kumar and Clark!'
 'I am a first-year medical student and this book has done wonders for me! Instead of having to trawl through the unreliability of the internet, I have clear, concise and well-presented information all in one book! I find that using this book helps me engage better with my clinical placements! In my opinion a must buy for all budding clinical based students!'
 'My favourite medical textbook. The world's number 1 book for medical students.'
Table of Content

1 Diagnosis: the art of being a doctor

2 Human genetics

3 Immunity

4 Evidence-based practice

5 Ethical practice

6 Malignant disease

7 Palliative care and symptom control

8 Sepsis and the treatment of bacterial infection

9 Water, electrolytes and acid-base balance

10 Critical care medicine

11 Surgery

12 Prescribing, therapeutics and toxicology

13 Global Health

14 Public health

15 Geriatric medicine, frailty and multimorbidity

16 Haematology

17 Haematological Oncology

18 Rheumatology

19 Bone disease

20 Infectious diseases and tropical medicine

21 Endocrinology

22 Dermatology

23 Diabetes mellitus

24 Lipid and inherited metabolic disorders

25 Liaison psychiatry

26 Neurology

27 Ear, nose and throat, and eye disease

28 Respiratory disease

29 Venous thromboembolic disease

30 Cardiology

31 Hypertension

32 Gastroenterology

33 Nutrition

34 Liver disease

35 Biliary tract and pancreatic disease

36 Kidney and urinary tract disease

37 Sexually transmitted infections and HIV

38 Obstetric medicine

39 Women's health

40 Men's health

41 Environmental medicine

出版日期 15-10-2020
Pages 1544
Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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