Nursing Key Topics Review: Maternity

By Elsevier
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Study efficiently with Nursing Key Topics Review: Maternity! This quick review and accompanying mobile web app focus on the most critical, practical, and relevant maternal nursing information to prepare you for success on course exams.  Concise coverage includes topics from pregnancy, labor, and birth to postpartum and newborn nursing care.  Summary tables and quick, bulleted lists make it easier to glance through and remember concepts.   Mobile web app audio summaries reinforce content when you are on the go. Best of all, it's easy to assess your understanding as you go along - because key maternity topics are always immediately followed by review questions with correct answers and rationales.

  • Emphasis on critical, practical, and relevant information helps you study and learn maternity nursing in the most time-efficient way possible.
  • Quick-access format reflects what busy students want - quality content sprinkled with review questions.
  • Audio summaries on a mobile web app make it easy to review anytime, anywhere.
  • NCLEX® exam-style review questions include answers and rationales, allowing you to assess your understanding and retention of the material.
  • Bulleted lists let you see key content at a glance, allowing for quick comprehension.
  • Summary tables and illustrations make learning and review easier.
ISBN 9780323444941
作者資訊 By Elsevier
Table of Content
  1. Conception and Fetal Development
  2. Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy
  3. Nursing Care of the Family During Pregnancy
  4. Maternal and Fetal Nutrition 
  5. Assessment of High Risk Pregnancy
  6. High Risk Complications of Pregnancy 
  7. Mental Health Disorders and Substance Abuse
  8. Labor and Birth Processes
  9. Maximizing Comfort for the Laboring Woman
  10. Fetal Assessment During Labor
  11. Nursing Care of the Family During Labor and Birth
  12. Labor and Birth Complications
  13. Postpartum Physiologic Changes
  14. Nursing Care of the Family During the Postpartum Period
  15. Transition to Parenthood
  16. Postpartum Complications
  17. Nursing Care of the Newborn and Family
  18. Newborn Nutrition and Feeding
  19. Newborn Complications
  20. Perinatal Loss, Bereavement, and Grief
出版日期 05-10-2016
Pages 352
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