Nursing Today , 10th Edition

By JoAnn Zerwekh, EdD, RN and Ashley Zerwekh Garneau, PhD, RN

Ensure you thoroughly understand the most important issues you'll face when entering practice! Loved for its humor, readability, and inviting cartoons, Nursing Today: Transitions and Trends, 10th Edition helps you to prepare for the NCLEX-RN® - while giving you valuable information to succeed throughout your career. It reflects current issues and trending topics that nurses will face, ensuring that you not only graduate with patient care skills, but also with career development skills such as resume writing, finding a job, and effective interviewing. The 10th Edition features major content updates on Workplace Issues, Nursing Informatics, Cultural and Spiritual Awareness and Ethical Issues, and evidence-based practice boxes throughout to help you focus on the research evidence that supports clinical practice. Additionally, it includes test-taking tips for the NCLEX-RN® Examination and updated Evolve resources for students with new review questions and case studies.

  • An emphasis on transitioning into the workplace is included in chapters such as NCLEX-RN® and the New Graduate, Employment Considerations: Opportunities, Resumes, and Interviewing, Mentorship and Preceptorship, and Nurse Residency Programs.
  • Thorough coverage of all the most important issues faced by the new nurse, preparing you for a professional career.
  • An engaging approach features lively cartoons, chapter objectives, bibliographies, and colorful summary boxes.
  • Critical Thinking boxes in every chapter offer questions and exercises asking you to apply what they have learned to clinical practice.
  • Evidence-Based Practice boxes, and evidence-based practice content throughout, focus your attention on the research evidence that supports clinical practice.
  • QSEN competencies related to effective communication, team building, evidence-based practice, patient safety, and quality assurance highlighted throughout.
ISBN 9780323749725
作者資訊 By JoAnn Zerwekh, EdD, RN, President/CEO, Nursing Education Consultants, Chandler, AZ; Nursing Faculty - Online Campus, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ and Ashley Zerwekh Garneau, PhD, RN, Nursing Faculty, GateWay Community College, Phoenix, Arizona
Table of Content

Unit I:  Professional Growth and Transition
1. Role Transitions
2. Personal Management: Time and Self-Care Strategies
3. Mentorship, Preceptorship, and Nurse Residency Programs
4. Employment Considerations: Opportunities, Resumes and Interviewing
5. NCLEX-RN Exam and the New Graduate

Unit II:  Nursing:  A Developing Profession
6. Historical Perspectives
7. Nursing Education
8. Nursing Theories
9. Professional Image of Nursing

Unit III: Nursing Management
10. Challenges of Nursing Management and Leadership
11. Building Nursing Management Skills
12. Effective Communication, Team Building, and Interprofessional Practice
13. Conflict Management
14. Delegation in the Clinical Setting

Unit IV:  Current Issues in Health Care
15. The Health Care Organization and Patterns of Nursing Care Delivery
16. Economics in the Health Care Delivery System
17. Political Action in Nursing
18. Collective Bargaining: Traditional (Union) and Nontraditional Approaches
19. Ethical Issues
20. Legal Issues

Unit V:  Contemporary Nursing Practice
21. Cultural & Spiritual Awareness
22. Quality Patient Care
23.  Nursing Informatics
24. Using Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research
25. Workplace Issues
26. Emergency Preparedness

出版日期 27-02-2020
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