Pediatric Dentistry , 6th Edition

Edited by Arthur Nowak, DMD, John R. Christensen, Tad R. Mabry, Janice Alisa Townsend and Martha H. Wells
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Provide superior oral and dental care to children of all ages! Pediatric Dentistry: Infancy through Adolescence Expert Consult, 6th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of oral care for infants, children, teenagers, and medically compromised pediatric patients. Organized by age group, the text covers examination, diagnosis, and treatment planning, as well as topics such as the prevention of dental disease, traumatic injuries, orthodontics, and restorative dentistry. From a team of accomplished authors and contributors led by Arthur J. Nowak, this edition includes a new Expert Consult website featuring case studies and procedural videos along with a fully searchable version of the text.

  • UNIQUE! Age-specific organization separates sections and chapters by age group to cover specific changes the child experiences physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially.
  • Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry section covers basic information on children of all ages, including topics such as local and systemic diseases, pediatric physiology, cariology, pain control, and medical emergencies.
  • Coverage of current trends and challenges emphasizes the prevention of dental diseases and reflects pediatric dentistry as it is practiced today.
  • UPDATED coverage of caries risk assessment in children reflects the evolution of evidence-based oral health care.
  • More than 1,000 full-color photos and illustrations show dental conditions and treatments.
ISBN 9780323608268
作者資訊 Edited by Arthur Nowak, DMD, Professor, Departments of Pediatric Dentistry and Pediatrics, Colleges of Dentistry and Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; John R. Christensen; Tad R. Mabry; Janice Alisa Townsend and Martha H. Wells
Table of Content Part 1: Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry
1. The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry
2. Differential Diagnosis of Oral Lesions and Developmental Anomalies
3. Anomalies of the Developing Dentition
4. Oral and Dental Care of Local and Systemic Diseases
5. Cleft Lip and Palate  NEW!
6. Fundamental Principles of Pediatric Physiology and Anatomy
7. Assessment and Management of Pain in the Pediatric Patient  NEW! (combines old chapters 6 and 7)
8. Pain Reaction Control: Sedation
9. Antimicrobials in Pediatric Dentistry
10. Medical Emergencies
11. Dental Public Health Issues in Pediatric Dentistry
12. Dental Caries
Part 2: Conception to Age Three
13. The Dynamics of Change
14. Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning of the Infant and Toddler
15. Prevention of Dental Disease
16. Introduction to Dental Trauma: Managing Traumatic Injuries in the Primary Dentition
17. Congenital Genetic Disorders and Syndromes
Part 3: The Primary Dentition Years: Three to Six Years
18. The Dynamics of Change
19. Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
20. Prevention of Dental Disease
21. Dental Materials
22. Restorative Dentistry for the Primary Dentition
23. Pulp Therapy for the Primary Dentition
24. Behavior Guidance of the Pediatric Dental Patient
25. Periodontal Problems in Children and Adolescents
26. Space Maintenance in the Primary Dentition
27. Oral Habits
28. Orthodontic Treatment in the Primary Dentition
29. Oral Surgery in Children
Part 4: The Transitional Years: Six to Twelve Years
30. The Dynamics of Change
31. Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
32. Prevention of Dental Disease
33. Pit and Fissure Sealants: Scientific and Clinical Rationale
34. Pulp Therapy for the Young Permanent Dentition
35. Managing Traumatic Injuries in the Young Permanent Dentition
36. Treatment Planning and Management of Orthodontic Problems
Part 5: Adolescence
37. The Dynamics of Change
38. Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning for General and Orthodontic Problems
39. Prevention of Dental Disease
40. Restorative Dentistry for the Adolescent
41. Sports Dentistry and Mouth Protection
出版日期 18-07-2018
Pages 638
Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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