整形外科, 3rd Edition

By Eduardo D Rodriguez, MD, DDS, Joseph E Losee, MD, FACS, FAAP and Peter C. Neligan, MB, FRCS(I), FRCSC, FACS
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Fully updated to meet the demands of the 21st-century surgeon, Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Volume 3 of Plastic Surgery, 3rd Edition, provides you with the most current knowledge and techniques across your entire field, allowing you to offer every patient the best possible outcome. Access all the state-of-the-art know-how you need to overcome any challenge you may face and exceed your patients' expectations.

  • Apply the very latest advances in craniofacial, head, neck, and pediatric plastic surgery and ensure optimal outcomes with evidence-based advice from a diverse collection of world-leading authorities.
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作者資訊 By Eduardo D Rodriguez, MD, DDS, Helen L. Kimmel Professor of Reconstructive Surgery ; Joseph E Losee, MD, FACS, FAAP, Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics Chief, Division Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, Pittsburgh, PA, USA and Peter C. Neligan, MB, FRCS(I), FRCSC, FACS, Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

"The third volume of 'Plastic Surgery' is a tour de force bringing together the various subspecialty domains of Head and Neck Plastic Surgery (trauma, elective adult and paediatric), as well as a selection of other Paediatric Plastic Surgery Conditions... The quality and quantity of illustrations are impressive and include elaborate intraoperative sequences, radiological scans and excellent pictorial images. The illustrations support the text well and in places are extremely description especially in enabling the reader to understand difficult topics... One of the great benefits of the book is online access... As well as the entire content of the book, there are additional resources including videos and a picturebank with high-definition images. The book presents topics with sufficient clarity to be an excellent starting point for trainee Plastic Surgeons looking to get to grips with Head and Neck surgery. It also delves into subjects with sufficient depth to provide a meaningful reference source for the experience surgeon."

Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Anesthestic Surgery (JPRAS), December 2013

"This is the latest edition of the multivolume plastic surgery textbook first edited by John M. Converse in 1964. Through the decades, this has remained the gold standard in plastic surgery textbooks. I have always had the most recent edition close to my desk and have used it as an initial reference when I have needed to review a topic. I will continue to use this edition in the same manner.

Plastic surgeons at all stages in their careers can benefit from this book. The coverage of plastic surgery topics remains encyclopedic, and all of the authors are recognized experts in their subject areas.
This edition demonstrates a number of differences from prior editions. The books themselves are slightly larger, and the majority of the artwork is in color, with a uniform style and is of high quality. This edition incorporates changes consistent with our digital age, while maintaining the excellent content that has been the hallmark of this book throughout the years." - Walter Lawrence, MPH, MD (University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics) Doody 5 stars!

Table of Content


Foreword by Joseph G. McCarthy XXX

Preface to the Third Edition XXX

List of Contributors XXX

Acknowledgments XXX

Dedication XXX

Volume One: Principles

Geoffrey C. Gurtner

1 Plastic surgery and innovation in medicine XXXPeter C. Neligan

2 History of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery XXXRiccardo F. Mazzola and Isabella C. Mazzola

3 Psychological aspects of plastic surgery XXXLaurie A. Stevens and Mary H. McGrath

4 The role of ethics in plastic surgery XXXPhillip C. Haeck

5 Business principles for plastic surgeons XXXC. Scott Hultman

6 Medico-legal issues in plastic surgery XXXNeal R. Reisman

7 Photography in plastic surgery XXX

Brian M. Kinney

8 Patient safety in plastic surgery XXX

Bruce Halperin

9 Local anesthetics in plastic surgery XXX

A. Aldo Mottura

10 Evidence-based medicine and health services research in plastic surgery XXX

Carolyn L. Kerrigan, E. Dale Collins Vidal,
Andrea L. Pusic, Amy K. Alderman, and
Valerie Lemaine

11 Genetics and prenatal diagnosis XXX

Daniel Nowinski, Elizabeth Kiwanuka, Florian Hackl,
Bohdan Pomahac, and Elof Eriksson

12 Principles of cancer management XXX

Tomer Avraham, Evan Matros, and Babak J. Mehrara

13 Stem cells and regenerative medicine XXX

Benjamin Levi, Derrick C. Wan, Victor W. Wong,
Geoffrey C. Gurtner, and Michael T. Longaker

14 Wound healing XXX

Chandan K. Sen and Sashwati Roy

15 Skin wound healing: Repair biology, wound,
and scar treatment XXX

Ursula Mirastschijski, Andreas Jokuszies, and
Peter M. Vogt

16 Scar prevention, treatment, and revision XXX

Peter Lorenz and A. Sina Bari

17 Skin graft XXX

Saja S. Scherer-Pietramaggiori, Giorgio Pietramaggiori,
and Dennis P. Orgill

18 Tissue graft, tissue repair, and regeneration XXX

Wei Liu and Yilin Cao

19 Tissue engineering XXX

Andrea J. O'Connor and Wayne A. Morrison

20 Repair, grafting, and engineering of cartilage XXX

Wei Liu and Yilin Cao

21 Repair and grafting of bone XXX

Iris A. Seitz, Chad M. Teven, and Russell R. Reid

22 Repair and grafting of peripheral nerve XXX

Renata V. Weber, Kirsty U. Boyd, and
Susan E. Mackinnon

23 Vascular territories XXX

Steven F. Morris and G. Ian Taylor

24 Flap classification and applications XXX

Scott L. Hansen, David M. Young, Patrick Lang,
and Hani Sbitany

25 Flap pathophysiology and pharmacology XXX

Cho Y. Pang and Peter C. Neligan

26 Principles and techniques of microvascular
surgery XXX

Fu-Chan Wei and Sherilyn Keng Lin Tay

27 Principles and applications of tissue
expansion XXX

Malcolm W. Marks and Louis C. Argenta

28 Therapeutic radiation: Principles, effects,
and complications XXX

Gabrielle M. Kane

29 Vascular anomalies XXX

Arin K. Greene and John B. Mulliken

30 Benign and malignant nonmelanocytic
tumors of the skin and soft tissue XXX

Rei Ogawa

31 Melanoma XXX

Stephan Ariyan and Aaron Berger

32 Implants and biomaterials XXX

Charles E. Butler and Timothy W. King

33 Facial prosthetics in plastic surgery XXX

Gordon H. Wilkes, Mohammed M. Al Kahtani, and
Johan F. Wolfaardt

34 Transplantation in plastic surgery XXX

David W. Mathes, Peter E. M. Butler, and
W. P. Andrew Lee

35 Technology innovation in plastic surgery:
A practical guide for the surgeon innovator XXX

Leila Jazayeri and Geoffrey C. Gurtner

36 Robotics, simulation, and telemedicine in
plastic surgery XXX

Joseph M. Rosen, Todd E. Burdette, Erin Donaldson,
Robyn Mosher, Lindsay B. Katona, and
Sarah A. Long

Volume Two: Aesthetic

Richard J. Warren

1 Managing the cosmetic patient XXXMichelle B. Locke and Foad Nahai

Section I: Aesthetic Surgery of the Face

2 Nonsurgical skin care and rejuvenation XXXLeslie Baumann

3 Botulinum toxin (BoNT-A) XXXMichael A.C. Kane

4 Soft-tissue fillers XXXTrevor M. Born, Lisa E. Airan, and Dimitrios Motakis

5 Facial skin resurfacing XXXSteven R. Cohen, Ryan C. Frank, and E. Victor Ross

6 Anatomy of the aging face XXXBryan Mendelson and Chin-Ho Wong

7 Forehead rejuvenation XXXRichard J. Warren

8 Blepharoplasty XXX

Julius Few Jr. and Marco Ellis

9 Secondary blepharoplasty: Techniques XXX

Glenn W. Jelks, Elizabeth B. Jelks, Ernest S. Chiu,
and Douglas S. Steinbrech

10 Asian facial cosmetic surgery XXX

Kyung S. Koh, Jong Woo Choi, and Clyde H. Ishii

11.1 Facelift: Principles XXX

Richard J. Warren

11.2 Facelift: Introduction to deep tissue
techniques XXX

Richard J. Warren

11.3 Facelift: Platysma-SMAS plication XXX

Dai M. Davies and Miles G. Berry

11.4 Facelift: Facial rejuvenation with loop sutures,
the MACS lift and its derivatives XXX

Mark Laurence Jewell

11.5 Facelift: Lateral SMASectomy XXX

Daniel C. Baker

11.6 Facelift: The extended SMAS technique in
facial rejuvenation XXX

James M. Stuzin

11.7 Facelift: SMAS with skin attached - the
"high SMAS" technique XXX

Fritz E. Barton Jr.

11.8 Facelift: Subperiosteal facelift XXX

Oscar M. Ramirez

12 Secondary deformities and the secondary
facelift XXX

Timothy J. Marten and Dino Elyassnia

13 Neck rejuvenation XXX

James E. Zins, Colin Myles Morrison, and
Claude-Jean Langevin

14 Structural fat grafting XXX

Sydney R. Coleman and Alesia P. Saboeiro

15 Skeletal augmentation XXX

Michael J. Yaremchuk

16 Anthropometry, cephalometry, and
orthognathic surgery XXX

Daniel I. Taub, Jordan M.S. Jacobs, and
Jonathan S. Jacobs

17 Nasal analysis and anatomy XXX

Joel E. Pessa and Rod J. Rohrich

18 Open technique rhinoplasty XXX

Rod J. Rohrich and Jamil Ahmad

19 Closed technique rhinoplasty XXX

Mark B. Constantian

20 Airway issues and the deviated nose XXX

Bahman Guyuron and Bryan S. Armijo

21 Secondary rhinoplasty XXX

Ronald P. Gruber, Simeon H. Wall Jr.,
David L. Kaufman, and David M. Kahn

22 Otoplasty XXX

Charles H. Thorne

23 Hair restoration XXX

Jack Fisher

Section II: General Aesthetic Surgery

24 Liposuction: A comprehensive review of
techniques and safety XXX

Jeffrey M. Kenkel and Phillip J. Stephan

25 Abdominoplasty procedures XXX

Dirk F. Richter and Alexander Stoff

26 Lipoabdominoplasty XXX

Osvaldo Ribeiro Saldanha,
Sérgio Fernando Dantas de Azevedo,
Osvaldo Ribeiro Saldanha Filho,
Cristianna Bonneto Saldanha, and
Luis Humberto Uribe Morelli

27 Lower bodylifts XXX

Al Aly, Khalid Al-Zahrani, and Albert Cram

28 Buttock augmentation XXX

Terrence W. Bruner, José Abel de la Peña Salcedo, Constantino G. Mendieta, and Thomas L. Roberts III

29 Upper limb contouring XXX

Joseph F. Capella, Matthew J. Trovato, and
Scott Woehrle

30 Post-bariatric reconstruction XXX

Jonathan W. Toy and J. Peter Rubin

31 Aesthetic genital surgery XXX

Gary J. Alter

Volume Three: Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Part 1: Craniofacial, head and neck surgery: Eduardo D. Rodriguez

1 Anatomy of the head and neck XXXAhmed M. Afifi and Risal Djohan

Section I: Craniofacial Trauma

2 Facial trauma: Soft tissue injuries XXXReid V. Mueller

3 Facial fractures XXXEduardo D. Rodriguez, Amir H. Dorafshar,
and Paul N. Manson

4 TMJ dysfunction and obstructive sleep apnea XXXStephen A. Schendel and Brinda Thimmappa

Section II: Head and Neck Reconstruction

5 Scalp and forehead reconstruction XXX

Mark D. Wells and Carla Skytta

6 Aesthetic nasal reconstruction XXX

Frederick J. Menick

7 Reconstruction of the ear XXX

Burton D. Brent

8 Acquired cranial and facial bone deformities XXX

Renee M. Burke, Robert J. Morin,
and S. Anthony Wolfe

9 Midface reconstruction XXX

Constance M. Chen, Joseph J. Disa,
and Peter G. Cordeiro

10 Cheek and lip reconstruction XXX

Peter C. Neligan

11 Facial paralysis XXX

Ronald M. Zuker, Eyal Gur, Gazi Hussain,
and Ralph T. Manktelow

12 Oral cavity, tongue, and mandibular
reconstructions XXX

Ming-Huei Cheng and Jung-Ju Huang

13 Hypopharyngeal, esophageal, and neck reconstruction XXX

Peirong Yu

14 Salivary gland tumors XXX

Stephan Ariyan, Deepak Narayan, and
Charlotte E. Ariyan

15 Tumors of the facial skeleton: Fibrous
dysplasia XXX

You-Wei Cheong and Yu-Ray Chen

16 Tumors of the lips, oral cavity, oropharynx,
and mandible XXX

John Joseph Coleman III and Anthony P. Tufaro

17 Carcinoma of the upper aerodigestive tract XXX

Michael E. Kupferman, Justin M. Sacks,
and Edward I. Chang

18 Local flaps for facial coverage XXX

Ian T. Jackson

19 Secondary facial reconstruction XXX

Julian J. Pribaz and Rodney K. Chan

20 Facial transplant XXX

Laurent Lantieri

21 Surgical management of migraine headaches XXX

Bahman Guyuron and Ali Totonchi

Part 2: Pediatric plastic surgery: Joseph E. Losee

Section I: Clefts

22 Embryology of the craniofacial complex XXX

Maryam Afshar, Samantha A. Brugmann,
and Jill A. Helms

23 Repair of unilateral cleft lip XXX

Philip Kuo-Ting Chen, M. Samuel Noordhoff,
and Alex Kane

24 Repair of bilateral cleft lip XXX

John B. Mulliken

25 Cleft palate XXX

William Y. Hoffman

26 Alveolar clefts XXX

Richard A. Hopper

27 Orthodontics in cleft lip and palate
management XXX

Alvaro A. Figueroa and John W. Polley

28 Velopharyngeal dysfunction XXX

Richard E. Kirschner and Adriane L. Baylis

29 Secondary deformities of the cleft lip, nose,
and palate XXX

Evan M. Feldman, John C. Koshy, Larry H. Hollier Jr.,
and Samuel Stal

30 Cleft and craniofacial orthognathic surgery XXX

Jesse A. Goldstein and Steven B. Baker

Section II: Craniofacial

31 Pediatric facial fractures XXX

Joseph E. Losee and Darren M. Smith

32 Orbital hypertelorism XXX

Eric Arnaud, Daniel Marchac, Federico Di Rocco,
and Dominique Renier

33 Craniofacial clefts XXX

James P. Bradley and Henry K. Kawamoto Jr.

34 Nonsyndromic craniosynostosis XXX

Derek M. Steinbacher and Scott P. Bartlett

35 Syndromic craniosynostosis XXX

Jeffrey A. Fearon

36 Craniofacial microsomia XXX

Joseph G. McCarthy, Barry H. Grayson,
Richard A. Hopper, and Oren M. Tepper

37 Hemifacial atrophy XXX

Peter J. Taub, Lester Silver, and Kathryn S.Torok

38 Pierre Robin sequence XXX

Christopher G. Zochowski and Arun K. Gosain

39 Treacher-Collins syndrome XXX

Fernando Molina

Section III: Pediatrics

40 Congenital melanocytic nevi XXX

Bruce S. Bauer and Neta Adler

41 Pediatric chest and trunk defects XXX

Lawrence J. Gottlieb, Russell R. Reid, and
Justine C. Lee

42 Pediatric tumors XXX

Sahil Kapur and Michael L. Bentz

43 Conjoined twins XXX

Oksana Jackson, David W. Low and Don LaRossa

44 Reconstruction of urogenital defects:
Congenital XXX

Mohan S. Gundeti and Michael C. Large

Volume Four: Lower Extremity, Trunk
and Burns

David Song

Section I: Lower Extremity Surgery

1 Comprehensive lower extremity anatomy XXXGinard I. Henry and Grant M. Kleiber

2 Management of lower extremity trauma XXXShannon Colohan and Michel Saint-Cyr

3 Lymphatic reconstruction of the extremities XXXRuediger G. H. Baumeister, David W. Chang,
and Peter C. Neligan

4 Lower extremity sarcoma reconstruction XXX

Goetz A.Giessler and Michael Sauerbier

5 Reconstructive surgery: Lower extremity
coverage XXX

Joon Pio Hong

6 Diagnosis and treatment of painful neuroma and
of nerve compression in the lower extremity XXX

A. Lee Dellon

7 Skeletal reconstruction XXX

Stephen J. Kovach and L. Scott Levin

8 Foot reconstruction XXX

Mark W. Clemens, Lawrence B. Colen,
and Christopher E. Attinger

Section II: Trunk Surgery

9 Comprehensive trunk anatomy XXX

Michael A. Howard and Sara R. Dickie

10 Reconstruction of the chest XXX

David H. Song and Michelle C. Roughton

11 Reconstruction of the soft tissues of the back XXX

Gregory A. Dumanian

12 Abdominal wall reconstruction XXX

Navin K. Singh, Marwan R. Khalifeh,
and Jonathan Bank

13 Reconstruction of male genital defects XXX

Stan Monstrey, Peter Ceulemans, Nathalie Roche,
Philippe Houtmeyers, Nicolas Lumen, and Piet Hoebeke

14 Reconstruction of acquired vaginal defects XXX

Laura Snell, Peter G. Cordeiro, and Andrea L. Pusic

15 Surgery for gender identity disorder XXX

Loren S. Schechter

16 Pressure sores XXX

Robert Kwon and Jeffrey E. Janis

17 Perineal reconstruction XXX

Hakim K. Said and Otway Louie

Section III: Burns Surgery

18 Acute management of burn/electrical injuries XXX

Lars Steinstraesser and Sammy Al-Benna

19 Extremity burn reconstruction XXX

Lorenzo Borghese, Alessandro Masellis, and
Michele Masellis

20 Cold and chemical injury to the upper
extremity XXX

Dennis S. Kao and John Hijjawi

21 Management of facial burns XXX

Robert J. Spence

22 Reconstructive burn surgery XXX

Matthew B. Klein

23 Management of patients with exfoliative
disorders, epidermolysis bullosa, and TEN XXX

Abdullah E. Kattan, Robert C. Cartotto, and Joel S. Fish

Volume Five: Breast

James C. Grotting

1 Anatomy for plastic surgery of the breast XXX

Jorge I. de la Torre and Michael R. Davis

Section I: Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast

2 Breast augmentation XXX

G. Patrick Maxwell and Allen Gabriel

3 Secondary breast augmentation XXX

Mitchell H. Brown

4 Current concepts in revisionary breast surgery XXX

G. Patrick Maxwell and Allen Gabriel

5 Endoscopic approaches to the breast XXX

Neil A. Fine and Clark F. Schierle

6 Iatrogenic disorders following breast surgery XXX

Walter Peters

7 Mastopexy XXX

Kent K. Higdon and James C. Grotting

8.1 Reduction mammaplasty XXX

Jack Fisher and Kent K. Higdon

8.2 Inferior pedicle breast reduction XXX

Jack Fisher

8.3 Superior or medial pedicle XXX

Frank Lista and Jamil Ahmad

8.4 Short scar periareolar inferior pedicle reduction (SPAIR) mammaplasty XXX

Dennis C. Hammond

8.5 The L short-scar mammaplasty XXX

Armando Chiari Jr.

8.6 Periareolar technique with mesh support XXX

Joao Carlos Sampaio Góes

8.7 Sculpted pillar vertical reduction mammaplasty XXX

Kent K. Higdon and James C. Grotting

9 Revision surgery following breast reduction
and mastopexy XXX

Kenneth C. Shestak

Section II: Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast

10 Breast cancer: Diagnosis therapy and
oncoplastic techniques XXX

Elisabeth Beahm and Julie E. Lang

11 The oncoplastic approach to partial breast reconstruction XXX

Albert Losken

12 Patient-centered health communication XXX

Gary L. Freed, Alice Andrews, and E. Dale Collins Vidal

13 Imaging in reconstructive breast surgery XXX

Jaume Masia, Carmen Navarro, and Juan A. Clavero

14 Expander-implants breast reconstruction XXX

Maurizio B. Nava, Giuseppe Catanuto, Angela Pennati, Valentina Visintini Cividin, and Andrea Spano

15 Latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction XXX

Scott L. Spear and Mark W. Clemens

16 The bilateral pedicled TRAM flap XXX

L. Franklyn Elliott, John D. Symbas, and
Hunter R. Moyer

17 Free TRAM breast reconstruction XXX

Joshua Fosnot and Joseph M. Serletti

18 The deep inferior epigastric artery perforator
(DIEAP) flap XXX

Phillip N. Blondeel, Colin M. Morrison, and
Robert J. Allen

19 Alternative flaps for breast reconstruction XXX

Maria M. LoTempio, Robert J. Allen, and
Phillip N. Blondeel

20 Omentum reconstruction of the breast XXX

Joao Carlos Sampaio Góes and Antonio Luiz
Vasconcellos Macedo

21 Local flaps in partial breast reconstruction XXX

Moustapha Hamdi and Eugenia J. Kyriopoulos

22 Reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex XXX

Ketan M. Patel and Maurice Y. Nahabedian

23.1 Congenital anomalies of the breast XXX

Egle Muti

23.2 Poland syndrome XXX

Pietro Berrino and Valeria Berrino

24 Contouring of the arms, breast, upper trunk, and male chest in the massive weight loss patient XXX

Jonathan W. Toy and J. Peter Rubin

25 Fat grafting to the breast XXX

Henry Wilson and Scott L. Spear

Volume Six: Hand and Upper Extremity

James Chang

Introduction: Plastic surgery contributions
to hand surgery XXX

James Chang

Section I: Introduction and Principles

1 Anatomy and biomechanics of the hand XXX

James Chang, Francisco Valero-Cuevas,
Vincent R. Hentz, and Robert A. Chase

2 Examination of the upper extremity XXX

Ryosuke Kakinoki

3 Diagnostic imaging of the hand and wrist XXX

Alphonsus K. Chong and David M.K. Tan

4 Anesthesia for upper extremity surgery XXX

Jonay Hill, Vanila M. Singh and Subhro K. Sen

5 Principles of internal fixation as applied to
the hand and wrist XXX

Jeffrey Yao and Christopher Cox

Section II: Acquired Traumatic Disorders

6 Nail and fingertip reconstruction XXX

Michael W. Neumeister, Elvin G. Zook,
Nicole Z. Sommer, and Theresa A. Hegge

7 Hand fractures and joint injuries XXX

Warren C. Hammert

8 Fractures and dislocations of the wrist and
distal radius XXX

Kevin C. Chung and Steven C. Haase

9 Flexor tendon injury and reconstruction XXX

Jin Bo Tang

10 Extensor tendon injuries XXX

Kai Megerle and Günther Germann

11 Replantation and revascularization XXX

William W. Dzwierzynski

12 Reconstructive surgery of the mutilated hand XXX

William C. Pederson and Randolph Sherman

13 Thumb reconstruction: Nonmicrosurgical
techniques XXX

Nicholas B. Vedder and Jeffrey B. Friedrich

14 Thumb and finger reconstruction: Microsurgical techniques XXX

Fu Chan Wei and Wee Leon Lam

Section III: Acquired Nontraumatic Disorders

15 Benign and malignant tumors of the hand XXX

Justin M. Sacks, Kodi K. Azari, Scott Oates,
and David W. Chang

16 Infections of the hand XXX

Sean M. Bidic and Tim Schaub

17 Management of Dupuytren's disease XXX

Andrew J. Watt and Caroline Leclercq

18 Occupational hand disorders XXX

Steven J. McCabe

19 Rheumatologic conditions of the hand
and wrist XXX

Douglas M. Sammer and Kevin C. Chung

20 Osteoarthritis in the hand and wrist XXX

Brian T. Carlsen, Karim Bakri, Faisal M. Al-Mufarrej
and Steven L. Moran

21 The stiff hand and the spastic hand XXX

David T. Netscher

22 Ischemia of the hand XXX

Hee Chang Ahn and Neil F. Jones

23 Complex regional pain syndrome in the upper extremity XXX

Ivica Ducic and John M. Felder III

24 Nerve entrapment syndromes XXX

Michael Bezuhly, James P. O'Brien and
Donald Lalonde

Section IV: Congenital Disorders

25 Congenital hand I: Embryology, classification,
and principles XXX

Michael Tonkin and Kerby Oberg

26 Congenital hand II: Disorders of formation (transverse and longitudinal arrest) XXX

Gill Smith and Paul Smith

27 Congenital hand III: Disorders of formation -
thumb hypoplasia XXX

Joseph Upton III and Amir Taghinia

28 Congenital hand IV: Disorders of differentiation
and duplication XXX

Steven E.R. Hovius

29 Congenital hand V: Disorders of overgrowth, undergrowth, and generalized skeletal
deformities XXX

Leung Kim Hung, Ping Chung Leung, and
Takayuki Miura (Addendum by Michael Tonkin)

30 Growth considerations in pediatric upper
extremity trauma and reconstruction XXX

Marco Innocenti and Carla Baldrighi

31 Vascular anomalies of the upper extremity XXX

Joseph Upton III

Section V: Paralytic Disorders

32 Peripheral nerve injuries of the upper
extremity XXX

Simon Farnebo, Johan Thorfinn, and Lars B. Dahlin

33 Nerve transfers XXX

Kirsty U. Boyd, Ida K. Fox, and Susan E. Mackinnon

34 Tendon transfers in the upper extremity XXX

Neil F. Jones

35 Free-functioning muscle transfer in
the upper extremity XXX

Isaac Harvey and Gregory H. Borschel

36 Brachial plexus injuries: Adult and pediatric XXX

David Chwei-Chin Chuang

37 Restoration of upper extremity function in
tetraplegia XXX

Catherine Curtin and Vincent R. Hentz

Section VI: Rehabilitation

38 Upper extremity composite allotransplantation XXX

Vijay S. Gorantla, Stefan S. Schneeberger,
and W.P. Andrew Lee

39 Hand therapy XXX

Christine B. Novak and Rebecca L. von der Heyde

40 Treatment of the upper extremity amputee XXX

Gregory A. Dumanian and Todd A. Kuiken

Index to all volumes iXXX-iXXX

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